Good Website Design for eCommerce Success

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Why is Good Website Design so Important for eCommerce

UI/UX plays a big part in how the website appeals to users.

When you open your browser and type the URL of your favorite e-commerce website to shop, you would not want your mood to be ruined by the website’s poor design. The company’s website sets the first impression of any e-Commerce business. Even if the products are expensive, attractive website design can pull it off, and the customers visiting the website will easily trust you. About 75% of the users judge the company’s credibility based on the look and feel of the website. Also, 85% of the first impression of the website is design-related.

Here are some reasons you should focus on website design being an e-Commerce business:

An Aesthetically Designed Website Attracts Customers:

The website’s aesthetics, such as font size, color, type, etc., play an essential role in keeping the customers stuck to your website for a longer time and thus, shop for more products. An aesthetically designed website can make first-time customers trust your products which means they’ll come back and shop for more. In the end, all the minute details you focus on while building the pleasing aesthetics of your website will bring you more customers and eventually more money. Like you’ll prefer a clean and well-arranged shop to a messy one, your customers will choose shopping from you if you have an overall good-looking website. You can look up a web designing company in Noida that will take care of your website aesthetics.

Improves User Experience, Thanks to Easy Navigation:

Apart from the look & feel, the ease of usability of your website is what plays the next important role in your e-Commerce business. Customers would want to quickly find what they are looking for instead of stressing out hovering over to different drop-down menus. Good navigation includes proper categorization of various topics and arranging them so that the buttons are easily spotted. Your e-Commerce website need not have too many unnecessary animations and functionalities. Customers would like a minimalistic website where the functionality that they need is found in their proper places.

Improves Product Sales:

Let us consider a scenario with two e-Commerce businesses, one with a good design and another with a poor one. Irrespective of the price of the products, customers are more likely to purchase from the one having a good website design. Thus, their credibility in the market increases, taking the lead over similar businesses with poorly designed websites. Eventually, such minor details as taking care of the website design can transform the company from being a small startup to a market leader by gradually improving sales.

The Value of the Brand is Represented Visually:

As mentioned earlier, the first impression of anything is very important. When a new customer visits your website, he expects it to be good-looking. As an e-Commerce business, you would not want to shoo away your customers by showing them a shabby website. A not-so-good appearing website takes away the customers visiting the websites and their friends and family. A shabby website harms the brand’s reputation because no one wants to refer it to anyone they know.

Responsiveness is Non-Negotiable:

If all the above points are taken care of, and your website is non-responsive or non-functional, customers are more likely to get irritated and close the tab where your website was opened. Good design, easy navigation, etc., are of no use when your website responds slowly when clicked ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Proceed to Checkout. Customers are likely to never return to your website because your website didn’t respond well while proceeding to make the payment. According to a study, 61% said they would leave the website immediately when the required information was not loaded quickly. Now that most people surf using their mobile devices, proper care should be taken of the website’s responsiveness on mobile devices, phones, tablets, and iPads. As an e-Commerce business, you’ll be surprised to know that 50% of the total eCommerce revenue comes from e-Commerce platforms.

According to MotoCMS, 59% of consumers will engage with content that’s well-designed and attractive. Now that you have realized the importance of your e-Commerce website design, you can make the necessary changes to take your business to the next level. You can find a good web designing company in Noida which improves the aesthetics and design of your e-Commerce website. Also, you can look up a web development company in Noida if you want to build your eCommerce website from scratch.

Good Website Design for eCommerce Success

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