Gojek Clone: Why Entrepreneurs Aim to Lead the Way in 2022

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Gojek Clone: Why Entrepreneurs Aim to Lead the Way in 2022

These days, people can do anything with the help of their smartphones, and the central part is they like to perform tasks using phones more than offline. Indeed, the increasing penetration of smartphones and wide access to the internet has made a human being slave to it. So it is appealing that modern technology helps people get things done quickly.

Today, there is an extensive range of applications for taxi booking, flight booking, grocery delivery, digital payments, etc. These apps are easily accessible and allow customers to perform all tasks in a jiffy. Now the question is, what if a customer wants to access all the services and products within a single app without switching to a different app? Yes, it is, and the one that does it is called the Gojek app. 

Gojek has become a household name for people in South East Asian countries. However, it originated in Indonesia but is now dominating the Asian market. In China, apps like WeChat are already ruling the market, and the business world is following this trend and leading to what we call Gojek Clone. 

As a super app, Gojek is both metaphorically and literally, got each feature and component that comforts users and encourages entrepreneurs to invest in such kinds of solutions. And to fulfill these rising needs, the Gojek clone came into the picture. So let’s see how it ensure success for emerging entrepreneurs, but before that, explore what Gojek is. 

Gojek: A Deep Dive into the Company Details

Gojek is an Indonesian super app that offers multiple services to users under one roof and also makes it easy for them to access various services and get things done using a couple of clicks. 

Gojek was introduced in 2010 as a ride-hailing call center. Still, they began their business transformation journey into a super app in 2015 by introducing their app featuring GoRide, GoSend, and GoMart services. 

Today, Gojek offers 20+ services through its mobile app, but its presence remains in Indonesia; it is also expanding its services into other countries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Gojek is Indonesia’s unicorn, and today it is valued at $10 billion, having most recently raised from Facebook and PayPal. As Gojek consists of many services, including ride-sharing, food delivery, parcel delivery, ticket booking, and household services, entrepreneurs globally take a keen interest in developing a solution like Gojek for their sustainable business. 

What is a Gojek Clone?

Gojek is a super app that provides its customers with several services and products. These products include services that consumers can use to accomplish their daily tasks. From e-wallets to house cleaning services, the Gojek app has it all. So now the question is, what is a Gojek clone?

Gojek Clone is a ready-made platform for business owners or startups with many enhanced features and helps entrepreneurs kick-start their multi-service businesses soon. However, some business owners are still skeptical about the Gojek clone development. Still, the main reason is we are living in a digital world, and people are using apps to complete their regular stuff. 

If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for the best Gojek clone solution, the below list can help you, 

Elluminati Inc

Be a leader in the online service marketplace with Elluminati’s Gojek clone solution that comes with fascinating features, consists of amazing panels and apps, and helps you provide the users with an outstanding experience. 


From the taxi to food delivery to groceries and many more, offer multiple services to your customers under one roof. Opt for the Gojek clone and turn your entrepreneurial aspiration into a reality. 


Enter the online multi-service business with the Gojek clone, designed and developed by Cubetaxi, and begin earning commission from these services quickly. Additionally, endless customization options and a completely white label solution save you cost and development time. 

Why Should Entrepreneurs Choose Gojek Clone Development Route?

According to App Annie’s Mobile 2021 research, people spend an average of 4.2 hours on their mobile phones each day, making it increasingly crucial for apps to provide as many features as possible. 

In addition to that, developing a Gojek clone can also bring business owners the following benefits. 

  1. There will be more downloads, traffic, and, therefore, a greater brand presence, resulting in more clients. Thus, the main app service offers more brands and mini-apps. Furthermore, the longer a customer stays on your app, the more services you offer.
  2. Customer contact has increased. Having an app, not just a super app, opens four new channels of communication: desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android. The client can contact you anywhere, at any time.
  3. Relevance is a keyword for businesses today, especially in the digital world, where mobile attention span depends heavily on what is offered and how the app works. As a result, ensure that your interface is friendly and that you make the most of your available services.

The Future is Gojek Clone

The goal of the Gojek Clone is to provide users with multiple services under one application. The best choice seems to be developing a Gojek Clone rather than clogging the phone with ten different apps. In addition, it’s challenging to assign chores when people are in a hurry and hop from app to app. This Gojek Clone App addresses these problems by simplifying the process of ordering and scheduling deliveries and services in one application.

Gojek Clone: Why Entrepreneurs Aim to Lead the Way in 2022