Gift marketing strategy: How brands can use gifting as a marketing strategy

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Gift marketing strategy: How brands can use gifting as a marketing strategy

In recent years, corporate gifting has become a marketing strategy for many companies and organizations. It helps marketers to gain attention from their target clients or customers. It can be used as promotional items to encourage recipients to become clients, customers, or brand ambassadors. Corporate gifting helps brand building. It boosts emotional connections and strengthens the connection with your clients or customers. 

What is corporate gifting and marketing strategy in businesses?

Before diving into anything, we must first know a business’s corporate gifting and marketing strategy! Marketing requires various strategies and approaches to attract your target clients/ customers and employees towards you, and corporate gifting is a widely used and effectively working marketing strategy in businesses. Corporate gifts are used as a presentation by companies or organizations to their clients, customers, partners, etc., as a marketing tool to build strong business relationships.

To give you an idea, the following is a list of corporate gifts used for engaging with employees, clients, and partners:

  • new client kits/ welcome kits/ onboarding kits
  • welcome kits for clients/ partners on events
  • occasional gifts/ kits
  • employee recognition gifts or trophies
  • gift vouchers, etc.

New client kits or welcome kits have always positively impacted employee engagement, and so have other occasional gifts or gift vouchers. To build a positive business relationship, take the initiative to gift your business associates with corporate gifts to make them feel valued and welcomed.

Why is corporate gifting used as a marketing strategy in businesses?

Gifting is used as a positive approach not only among employees but also with your family, friends, clients, and partners. When you build a positive relationship, your business associates may refer your company to other clients or friends they know. It is essentially used as a business strategy to build a business relationship and, in turn, to get help from them through various means, marketing being one of the main ones.

Gifts make the receiver feel valued and in favor; they also feel a sense of belongingness and trust, resulting in loyalty, more progress or productivity, and fewer employee turnovers. Corporate gifts that are unique and simple yet convey a meaningful message are what is expected by many business associates. It makes them happy and helps you create your brand ambassadors, which is a win-win situation for both ends. 

How is corporate gifting used as a marketing strategy in businesses?

Recently, Corporate gifting has almost taken the first place as a gift marketing strategy for businesses in many ways, and corporates that have used this as a marketing strategy have successfully achieved and attracted their target clients, customers, or employees, which in turn has precipitated a drastic positive impact on their businesses. Want to know how they initiated the strategy to elevate their business?

Now that we know how influential corporate gifting is, let us glance through the various ways of implementing the strategy to help elevate your business, starting with your employees.

Below are a few tips that help you use corporate gifting as a marketing strategy:

  • New client welcome kit

There is a famous saying that goes “to win in the marketplace, you must first win in your workplace” – Douglas Conant.

First, you must satisfy and impress your employees before entering the marketplace. It would help if you started impressing your employees by making them feel valued and welcomed and by imposing a sense of belongingness right from the first day of their work.

 By doing that, you gain their trust and loyalty, which greatly helps productivity and shows their active contribution to the progress and growth of the company.

  • Occasional gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts on different occasions? You could gift your employees with kits for various occasions to make that occasion more memorable for them. You could give personalized and customized gifts for Diwali, Christmas, woman’s day anniversaries, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc., to make them feel pleased.

  • Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be given to employees and your clients, customers or business partners, and associates. It helps you strengthen the bond that you have been building with them. It can be gifted to them at events, occasions, business meetings or parties, fests, etc.

  • Creating your brand ambassadors

corporate gifting can also be used as a strategy to advertise your company’s brand by creating your brand ambassadors. It sets up brand awareness among your target clients and customers. You do this by giving corporate gifts to your employees with apparel and work accessories with your company logo customized or personalized. 

  • Employee recognition gifts or trophies

Recognizing your employees for their effort and hard work is very important. However, not recognizing them for their contribution can be a very negative impact on employees. It may lead to frequent employee turnovers and disengagement, which negatively influences a company’s growth and productivity.


To give corporate gifts, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Not all strategies may work for every company, as every business has its way of handling things. However, these are common but very effective strategies used in recent years. Knowing your employees’, customers’, and clients’ needs, planning them accordingly, and then implementing them is the most important factor that needs to be considered.

Gift marketing strategy: How brands can use gifting as a marketing strategy

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