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This is a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for you to follow. We’re talking user-friendly detailed instructions to make SEO successful.

If you’re newer to SEO — or just struggling — The SEO Checklist helps in a few ways:

  • You’ll see the bigger picture of what needs to be done to optimize and rank a site.
  • You’ll be able to track what you have and haven’t done, so you don’t miss important stuff.
  • And you’ll be able to follow along with super detailed step-by-step documents.

So it makes it clear what you have to do AND how to do it. The SEO Checklist includes:

  • The 102-Point SEO Checklist (Google Sheet + Web App)
  • 42 Step-by-Step Process Docs (detailed standard operating procedures)
  • The 62 Page eBook (PDF)
  • A 52-WEEK Content Planning Calendar Method (PDF)
  • The 50-Point Content Distribution Checklist (Google Sheet)

You need a proven system that helps you get the SEO results you’ve always wanted. That’s why…

It would be best if you had The SEO Checklist.

The SEO Checklist is a collection of resources to help you get your website onto the first page of Google. You’re getting practical guides and proven methods that include EVERYTHING you need to be thinking about.

Important: This is not fluffy SEO theory by someone who has never actually ranked a website. I have taken websites from nowhere to number one in Google and built very successful businesses because of that.

SEO is always evolving. While core fundamentals remain consistent, techniques that worked before might not work in the future. So as Google evolves, so will The SEO Checklist. You get lifetime access when you buy today, including all future updates for free.

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Get 25% Off The SEO Checklist

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