Future of Email Marketing: 6 Trends to Follow

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A world without emails is hard to imagine as it is one of the most common forms of communication on this planet. Therefore, marketing teams strategize and capitalize on it to capture their targeted audiences. To catch savvy consumers’ interest, most of the brands have to take a flexible approach and serve their readers with helpful information and promotional emails that lead to their product or services. The key to a successful approach in managing your content is by indulging your readers in something educational and that serves their interest.

To get a better idea of what to expect shortly and how email marketing will evolve, let’s look out for six upcoming trends that one can follow in their marketing strategy:

1. Change the future of email marketing with AI & cloud-based technology

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a significant part of email marketing and has made marketing automation a possibility. It tailors the messages and brings new and improved capabilities to email marketing. Additionally, it automates and improves many aspects of email planning and management based on demographics and, more importantly, on predictive behavior.

Moreover, it will manage and simplify evolving regulatory restrictions that can fully automate the creation and delivery of certain kinds of emails in the future. This cloud-based computing will play a significant role in email marketing and create human-readable reports of relevant statistical data that are more concise and factual. With the advent of new devices and standards, it’s vital that your email marketing strategy reflects those changes and send those messages directly to their intended audience’s inboxes.

2. Predictive Personalization will matter.

With several enhancements in technology, Personalization will always be considered relevant and essential in every generation. Targeting individuals or other businesses with tailored emails that include their name and workplace and taking it to the next step by showcasing their preferences or things they liked or searched for will create a sense of familiarity.

Personalization is a powerful trend that is key to creating a relationship and the future of email marketing for years to follow. In the future predictive Personalization will enable us to create email campaigns that are practically guaranteed to succeed. With the likes of email timing, personalized sending frequency, and even personalized campaigns, you will get to see some significant changes in the years to unfold.

3. Captivating Brand storytelling will drive email marketing.

It’s the era of brand authenticity, customers look for a genuine brand, so it’s time to humanize your brand with the power of brand storytelling and engage your subscribers. Building brand authenticity will hold your customers’ attention and drastically influence your consumer behavior.

This storytelling trend will have a significant impact and help create an emotional bond with your subscribers. In the coming years, email marketing plans will reflect this originality by offering value to a broader demographic and build a robust, engaged email list.

4. Mobile-first optimization

With the growing number of mobile users and a platform that solves various problems, optimizing your email campaign for mobile devices is a must if you want to deliver your brand message. Make a clean and simple email that looks great on smartphones and is compatible with various mobile platforms as they are more likely to increase the email click-through rate.

In the future, these miniature computers will ensure that your omnichannel marketing efforts don’t go to waste and will maximize accessibility and user experience, thus enhancing mobile email marketing in spades.

5. Optimising for Dark Mode

A trend to opt for darker email designs will be popular in the coming months as these color schemes available in application UIs are driving people crazy. Most email designers choose this newfound preference as it is a strategy to create conflict with the UI to build a jarring effect.

The optimization will help companies to conduct more A/B tests to see which color scheme their subscribers prefer. This trend is a great way to deliver your message the way your subscribers want to get it.

6. Social Media Integration

The expanding Multi-channel marketing will reinforce each other by keeping messaging consistent, combining it with referral email marketing and social media. It can link a selection of the best posts in your weekly newsletter from your social media page and deliver the brand message without being too sales-focused. More and more brands will work with Instagram nano- and micro-influencers to leverage reviews and prove their popularity and credibility.

Thus, combining email marketing and social media, which is an everlasting trend, is a great way to promote your products, earn customer trust, and get better results. It will keep on evolving in the years to follow.

Future of Email Marketing: 6 Trends to Follow