Future of eCommerce - 2018 and beyond
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Future of eCommerce – 2018 and beyond

Alert! The eCommerce explosion is gaining momentum. Have you modernized your eCommerce efforts?

To stand out in the eCommerce arena, you need to have a clear insight into what waits for eCommerce and how you can find the right combination of strategies and utilize them to benefit your business. This article walks you down the lane to determine what you can do to reach new milestones in your eCommerce business as you realign your products and services to optimize them for today’s market.

Here’s the list of the Top 6:

  • eCommerce Personalization
  • Multi-channel eCommerce
  • eCommerce Subscription
  • Cryptocurrency as eCommerce Payment
  • Video Content for Ecommerce Engagement
  • eCommerce Drone Delivery

eCommerce Personalization

Today, customers prefer shopping at Ecom stores offering close to in-store experiences. E-commerce personalization is your master key to maximize conversions and increase AOV. Start your personalization with eCommerce website development, real-time customization through product recommendations, and social notifications based on demographic data such as gender, location, age, customer behavior based on repetitive visitors, and first-timers. Also, match your merchandising goals to the preferred product categories.

Multi-Channel eCommerce

Multiple shopping channels tend to be the next best bet for Ecom businesses. With the increased use of social media, Social Commerce is getting accelerated like never before. Combining various social media platforms where people spend a lot of time looking for something that interests them and sharing experiences is a great way to gain a high ground for sales conversions.

eCommerce Subscription

Online shopping has moved from being just buying to subscribing. Subscription service is the future of eCommerce. When there are primary subscription services for the way people consume entertainment, have you ever imagined how retail subscription services could impact businesses? They could be game-changers. Subscription services that are customized play an instrumental role in converting customers from the accessible version of your service to fully paid-up subscribers.

Cryptocurrency as eCommerce Payment

Bitcoin is the future, and there is a very high expectation that Bitcoin will become a popular payment method. One of the reasons for this is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin carry very low transaction rates. Considering this for your e-Commerce website development could be a breakthrough to your business. Major eCommerce players are heading to replace credit cards and move on to cryptocurrencies. Several of them have already included cryptocurrency payment options.

Video Content for Ecommerce Engagement

Videos have gained popularity as interactive content. They have become one of the main reasons why people follow brands on social media. Video contents are so powerful that it can double your sales and triple your traffic. Include videos that speak for you in your eCommerce web design – like how-to videos, answering FAQs, and customized user-generated content. You can also have short explainer videos about the exciting features of your products and services on your website’s home page.

eCommerce Drone Delivery

One of the most quirky but exciting breakthroughs in eCommerce is drone delivery, which is already in testing. This promises an exciting transition from same-day delivery to delivering within an hour or even less from the time the order is placed. To showcase efficiency in delivery, major players are all set to make this a reality. Drone delivery means quick, accurate, cost-effective, and hassle-free delivery.

Welcome To The Future Of Ecommerce!

By crediting value to each of these actions, you can move on to generate more fine-tuned insights into how well you can utilize them for your E-commerce business.

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Madhumitha is a content writer and copywriter who specializes in ghostwriting, blogging, and technical writing. She specializes in content marketing services for eCommerce website development companies to enhance their social media presence and search engine rankings. She also offers compelling copywriting services for both online and print media.

Future of eCommerce – 2018 and beyond

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