Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Digital Marketing

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Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing tool that each business, large or small, online or physical, can use to grow their business; however, what precisely is it, and what might it do for you and your business?

As per many people, Digital Marketing would be troublesome before its secret is revealed. In reality, it isn’t so much a secret. It is only a change in the playground of marketing. Here’re fun facts you had barely any familiarity with digital marketing.

The combination of technology and marketing ideas and concepts on digital media and electronic devices is the essence of Digital Marketing.

The few reasons business owners choose services from online marketing agency Houston include the evolution of technology since clients are looking for the products without depending on the sales rep with the expanding number of internet users. You will now explore the fun of digital marketing that marketers found out. 

Digital Marketing

  •       65% of organizations have sped up their digital marketing because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  •       72% of a marketing spending plan will be spent on digital activities.
  •       Over the upcoming year, 45% of advertisers and marketers intend to chip away at site optimization to improve the digital customer experience.
  •       70% of buyers firmly accept that the product with the best evaluation, rating, or reviews affects them, while 67% say they are looking for the best cost.
  •       43% of organizations don’t have an app.

Content Marketing Facts

  •       Content marketing keeps on being the core of digital marketing.
  •       You will find more than half a million blogs on the Internet. Fifty thousand people search for how to begin a blog consistently on Google.
  •       It takes a lot of time to write a blog which has expanded 65% more now than in 2012. The average writing time in 2012 was 2.24 hours, while in 2021, it had effectively hit 3.57 hours.
  •       As per 65% of marketers, SEO is the best strategy to drive more traffic. While then again, 51% of marketers report that reusing or updating existing content works similarly.
  •       Blogs are among the three forms of media used in content strategies, and around 72% of organizations effectively put resources into content marketing.
  •       A more significant part of B2B content marketers has increased their audio/video content use compared to a year prior. Using written digital media and images has expanded in basically the same manner.
  •       Longer articles with thousands of words get 3x more traffic and get 4.5x more social media shares than more limited articles of 300-400 words.
  •       “Content marketing strategy” is the most famous inquiry on Google related to content marketing.
  •       75% of organizations report having just one to three content marketing specialists on their team. The three well-known jobs included a content writer (52%), a social media manager (36%), and an SEO content manager (34%).
  •       The top three content mediums for most B2B marketers are email newsletters, blogs, and social media content.
  •       72% of B2B marketers reported that their organization’s content marketing is a lot or more effective now than contrasted with a year prior.
  •       75% of people who fuse visuals in content drive better ROI.
  •       Facebook is the most famous content distribution channel among marketers on all online media platforms.
  •       Marketers report that the most challenging aspect of content marketing is creating quality leads.
  •       Influential blogs combine four content types – guides, how-tos, Q&As, and lists.
  •       Videos are becoming a more well-known type of media within the content strategy, contrasted with blogs and infographics. The most widely known videos being made are promotional and brand narrating.
  •       Most marketers make content for long-time segments, three being generally normal.

Search engine optimization

  •       Around 62% of marketers effectively put resources into SEO.
  •       85% of organizations depend on natural pursuit as their best distribution channel.
  •       Search for ‘near me’ has grown 40% further year over year.
  •       Studies have shown that 94% of the world’s content gets no external links.
  •       The first organic search results on Google account for 32.5% of traffic share for a pursuit term.
  •       68% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  •       Just 5.7% of pages will rank in the best ten results in less than a year of publication.
  •       Google searches for ‘in stock’ have become over 700% throughout the last year.
  •       Just a couple of words make up 71.77 percent of keywords with over 10,000 month-to-month searches.

Social Media Marketing Facts

  •       In 2021, Facebook witnessed 2.74 billion month-to-month active clients, while Twitter faced 340 million month-to-month active clients.
  •       70% of purchasers search for products on Instagram and Facebook. 30% of interviewed online customers guarantee to have made a purchase straightforwardly from platforms like Pinterest, IG, Twitter, and so forth
  •       Social media referral traffic leading to online stores has expanded by over 100 percent. As a result, social media e-Commerce is expected to increase by $750+ billion by 2023.
  •       End of the week, social media posts get 27.3%, a more significant number of interactions than images during the week of work.
  •       73% of marketers have reported that their social media endeavors have been “or “exceptionally” compelling for their business.
  •       80% of organizations accept their social media client service is extraordinary, while just 8% of clients say they concur. Furthermore, over 95% of clients who have complained won’t ever respond.
  •       Regarding customer care, 34.5% of clients are inclined toward help over social media. On the other hand, 25.7% favor live talk, and 18.4% lean toward Email.
  •       Social platforms like Pinterest are the most significant source of online shopping motivation. 87% of buyers say that social media assists them with settling on shopping choices.
  •       TikTok has been downloaded 2 billion times all around the world. They have millions of monthly active U.S. clients.
  •       Marketers spend more than $89 billion via social media advertising. We expect these numbers to reach over $135 billion by 2025.
  •       54% of social browsers research products via social media platforms, of which 40% visit the social media page to explore the brand page and 24% click on sponsored product links.
  •       Videos perform better and support 50% more interaction than images, but 62.8% of Instagram posts are images.
  •       43% of all social media clients use the platforms while exploring purchasing products or services.
  •       Most clients engage with social media to find entertaining and engaging content.
  •       The new greatest challenge in social media marketing is going private. Half of the marketers concede this shift re-evaluates their content technique.

Email Marketing

  •       Emails sent on a Friday get a higher open and click rate than those sent on different days of the week.
  •       85% of B2B marketers incorporate email marketing in their procedure.
  •       The average open rate within the retail business is 13%, contrasted with financial services, which is 25.6%.
  •       A study discovered that 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.
  •        In addition, 40% of recent college grads browse their work email in bed, either before or after work.

Final Words

Digital Marketing is, as of now, developing and getting even more impressive as it grows. Therefore, paying attention to new technologies and tools to apply in your marketing process is amusing.

It isn’t something you can overlook to make your company a success. Now is the ideal opportunity to make the most of it. If you have close to zero familiarity with it, hire someone to bring relevant results to your company. Anything you do, don’t allow your competitors to pass you by.

Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Digital Marketing

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