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If you have not noticed any of the buzz around the Google algorithm update that was rolled out in June, you have been missing out on some newsworthy details. First of all, many websites have been affected by it and just like other updates before, it impacted websites differently according to the relevancy of their content. According to MOZ, providing relevant content for online users is Google’s primary focus in displaying authentic results. It is important to understand that quality content is a major differentiator in the way websites are displayed in SERPs.

If for some reason, web pages are about to have a negative impact on a web user’s well-being, Google will consider them low quality, which will lead to getting your website penalized. Content should not only be of high quality or relevant, but it should also deliver correct facts to the web user. Nowadays, it is not enough to deliver content built around keywords but to ensure that the information is true and offers real value to the reader. The latest Google algorithm update has affected some online news giants, which makes us focus more on the actual content published on the websites which have gained traffic following the update.


Part 1: Why is fresh, original, relevant content a must?

As a website owner, you must understand that increasing organic traffic can be hard to achieve when you don’t follow the right steps. It all begins and ends with content. This is a need that should be outsourced to real experts that understand exactly what the Google SERP update 2019 meant for many websites and how something like this can be prevented in the future. At the moment, it’s a matter of knowing who you can rely on to write the content that will take and keep your website at the top of search engine results pages.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in fresh, original and relevant content for your web pages:

  1. quality content provides value for visitors; it is not news that the latest Google algorithm update which has taken the online world by storm is focused on the way content delivers a positive impact on the life of the reader.
  2. quality content has a longer life span; when the content you publish is practical and truly helps the reader understand a concept or solve a problem, they tend to share it so that others can benefit from its usefulness.
  3. quality content is considerably more valuable for SEO campaigns; in other words, the only way SEO campaigns work is because of the content that is built around specific keywords; without the right type of content, SEO efforts have no value.
  4. quality content strengthens the visitor’s confidence; this is one of the reasons why web users will trust your brand and keep coming back while turning from visitors into customers and then into promoters of your products and services.
  5. quality content builds brand awareness; the content you publish can become viral when you least expect it. The key here is that it can reach the top, specifically because the information provided was of help for the reader.
  6. quality content will make visitors come back to your website; the best part of all is that it will happen again and again.

Part 2: How to protect your website against Google algorithm updates

According to Search Engine Journal, Google has almost if not complete control over the way your content is delivered to the masses. Playing by their rules is the only way you can help your website benefit from organic traffic. This has been proven time and time again by the many “interesting” changes that the search giant can make. For instance, it is a known fact that Google can and will rewrite meta descriptions as well as page titles so that they can match user intent better than what website owners might have written before.

Here are some useful strategies that every website owner should follow to protect their website from Google algorithms updates.

  • Having relevant, original content is the main factor that you should focus on when you are determined to stay ahead of what might happen in the future with any Google SERP update. It is not only a matter of knowing that you are offering true value to web users, but also proving it by publishing great content. What many don’t understand is that this is not optional. The design of a website may be pretty, but the content is what helps with its ranking.
  • Opt for a long-term strategy as short-term ideas might work today, but they might also make your website lose most of its traffic when the next Google algorithm update rolls out. Many of the websites that lost their traffic did not think ahead, a fact which costed them in the end. If you don’t know why your website is ranking higher than before, it would be a good idea to find out. What works now can easily change based on any future update.
  • Check your facts before publishing any piece of content because misleading your reader is only going to get your website penalized. It does not matter if you are using clickbait headlines or posting facts you have not actually checked. If the content is of low quality, you will not be able to benefit from the level of traffic you are expecting.


Content is essential for the success of any website or brand. The good news is that even though you might not consider writing great content as being your top ability, there are companies who offer professional writing services in any field. You can count on experienced writers as they are always prepared to deliver high-quality content for any purpose, whether for marketing campaigns or for replacing the content of the website. If you have found your website to be one of the many that have been affected by the algorithm update, now is the time to take action and do something about this whole situation. The right professionals will take care of writing the type of content that protects your website against such future issues.

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Dr. Ion Gabriel Tudorache

Dr. Ion G. Tudorache is a specialized SEO strategist, with 13 years of experience in the SEO industry. He started working in SEO while he was still in University, studying computer engineering and automated software. With commitment and motivation, he successfully developed an online agency dedicated to SEO projects and completed his Ph.D. in Electronic and wireless networks.

He is the co-founder and director of Gamit SEO, an online marketing agency that delivers top quality SEO services to websites all over the globe. Implementing SEO techniques is part of the complete portfolio of services, along with comprehensive SEO audit and personalized SEO strategies. Delivering first page results for each of our clients is what we aim for.


Fresh Content Protects Your Website from Google Algorithm Updates

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