Free SEO Tools To Help You Rank Better In 2020

Free SEO Tools To Help You Rank Better In 2020

If you want that your website works properly without any obstacle or If you are working as a SEO Service and have no budget to afford paid SEO tools. Then say thanks to them who made and provide you best free SEO tools to make better your website than before.

Why you need these best free SEO tools?

Well, the answer is, consider in your website have broken links, AMP HTML issue, No HTS support, missing H1, long and short Title, 404 errors, Robot.txt, sitemap, Avoiding ALT Attributes, Flash content used and many more then How can you say you are not getting high rank on SERP. If you resolve these problems then undoubtedly you will see better results.

Here list by which you can easily identify what are the free SEO tools

  1. SEOquake
  2. Screaming frog
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Google analytics
  5. Ubersuggest

First, SEOquake

SEOquake is one of the best free SEO tools which will allow you to analyze your competitor’s website as well as yours. By using these tools you can easily identify Alexa Ranking, Google   Index, Bing index, SEMrush Ranking data, Facebook likes and many more. So If you are looking to be successful in the online world, then SEOquake will undoubtedly help you. You can use it in chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave as an extension.

Some Basic Feature

On-page site audits: It will present you an error such as mission title & meta, canonical, meta keywords, Heading. the main of this tool is it assist you how to solve this kind of error and especially a beginner can easily use it

Internal links & External links: On clicking internal and external links you can view how many links are present on the given page.

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Keyword density:  You will be able to see data such as Keyword density, prominence and how many 1-word keywords or 2-word keywords and so on are present on the page. For example, if your keyword is Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi then it will show you how times you have to use it in your content. And you export as CSV of your competitor website to analyze your competitor.

Backlinks: Analyze your competitor backlinks which are a number of backlinks found by Google and Semrush, Baidu.

SEO parameters: Google Cachedate, Facebook Likes, Pinterest Pin count, Linkedin share count, Source

Domain parameters: Check Alexa Rank, Google Index, SEMrush Rank, Yahoo Index Webarchive age, Baidu Index, SEMrush,  SE Traffic, SEMrush Video Adv, Compete Rank, Whois

Compare URLs Tool: Most loving feature, compare your website with another website. Enter the list of URLs you wish to compare and hit “Process URLs.”

Compare URLs Tool

Third, Screaming frog

It is free up to 500 pages but after that, you have to pay, So How can you take benefit from this tool.

Enter your website URL in these tools then it would give you accomplish error of your website. It audits your ages and finds all errors which are also creating an obstacle to getting high ranking on SERP.

Some Basic Feature

  • SEO Element
  • External
  • Protocol
  • URL
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • H1 Heading
  • H2 Heading
  • Images With ALT TAGS
  • Canonicals
  • Pagination
  • Directives
  • Hreflang

It detects these errors from your website. So you can use it free of cost for 500 pages. This is also listed in the best SEO tools 2019 free of cost.

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First, Google search console (formerly webmaster tools) 

A webmaster has an immeasurable feature where you can index your website, can see the performance, Security, &manual action, Legacy tools, and report, links(in which you will find internal and external links). These are basic features that you already know.

Some basic Feature

  • Overview: Check your website performance, Coverage, Enhancements
  • Security & manual action: This most important feature of Google webmaster it is like a danger signal where you can easily find website faults like a duplicate content violation, security issue, etc.
  • Links: you can analyze your internal and external links. Check as per the regular basis because Here you will easily identify which links you are taking from another website. It can be good or bad(your competitor can make irrelevant links like taking backlinks from an adult site or another language, etc.). When you found irrelevant backlinks then absolutely disavow it and complain it. So be aware of it.
  • Setting: Here are the three feature first ownership verification, user and permission, change of address.

These are not enough but we discussed the most important aspect of the Google search console.

Google Analytics Traffic Report

Second, Google analytics

If you are not using it then you will never know about the audience. It presents you all the data about your audience (Who, Why, What, Where, How your customers are ). You can get more sales, lead, traffic, keyword ideas (such as digital marketing internship in delhi) by using Google analytics

Some basic Feature

  • Realtime: In this section, you can analyze overview, location, Traffic Source, Content, Events, and Conversion
  • Audience: Too many aspects of Audience such that you can check Active user on your website, Demographics, Interest, Geo(which location your visitor is coming), Behaviour(what your visitor is analyzing on your website like watching a video, reading your content), Technology(Desktop or mobile phone and which network), Mobile, Cross-Device, Custom, Benchmarking, etc.
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This are only two aspects of Google analytics but There too many to learn and practice it. So you can learn here

Fifth, ubersugest

Free SEO tools by Neil Patel. Ubersuggest is a simple and effective tool by which you can reach a higher rank on SERP. It works on the same algorithms that the search engine uses to suggest keywords to its users. Therefore, most people are using free SEO software in 2020 a new feature will be added according to Neil Patel. Now let us discussed its beautiful feature

Some basic feature

Keyword ideas: Check your keyword which position your keyword is ranking on SERP

Content ideas

Seo audit: Audit your website and fix error

Backlinks: Competitor as well as yours

Seo keywords ranking

Traffic: Top Traffic Pages of your website

Free SEO tools by Neil Patel

Final verdict: We have been discussed the top 5 best free SEO tools (SEOquake, Screaming frog, Ubersugest, Google analytics, Google search console) that help you to rank high. First, you have to learn how it works you can learn either online or offline. There are so many Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi who will help you to how these tools work.  So after entering in 2020, you should work on these tools.

Free SEO Tools To Help You Rank Better In 2020

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