Free Google Ads Bootcamp
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Free Google Ads Bootcamp

A 5-day online course that shows you how to structure your marketing model and budget for a higher ROI.

How to optimize your PPC advertising strategy with Google Ads

Maximize ad ROI and build budgets with data-driven Google Ads calculators – Uncover hidden, low-cost keywords and create a winning PPC ad account structure. Best for: Marketers who want to learn how to use their Google Ads budgets effectively and increase ROI

This course will show you how to maintain a structure that’s most beneficial for you, not Google.

During the course, you’ll work with a Google Ads expert as he goes through the nitty-gritty of building a pay-per-click (PPC) keyword list.

There’s even a PPC Keyword Research Guide to help you with your keyword journey.

Because you’re learning from the best, you’ll also learn the best shortcuts to set up ad campaigns and save you some grunt work (since adulting is already hard enough).

The Google Ads Bootcamp doesn’t just skim the surface.

You’ll also find out how to reveal hidden advertising opportunities and discover tricks to make Google give you low-cost keywords that convert customers.

The course ends with a simple system to ensure you produce a positive ROI, all backed by years of success from an advertising pro.

In 5 days, you’ll have the expertise needed to optimize your ad campaigns and get your business the attention it deserves.

Google made its mark by helping people find what they want (or more accurately, what they think they want).

The problem is that they’re not finding your business.

Take just five days to learn how the experts get real Google Ad results and build an advertising structure built to last without breaking the bank.

Free Google Ads Bootcamp

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