Four Ways to Keep Your Company’s Project Documentation Secure

Project management requires a great deal of organization that involves plenty of documents. It is vital to make sure this documentation is secure. You’ll need to keep confidential information about workers, specialized equipment, third parties, your budget, and much more. No matter how well your management skills are, you’ll still need a reliable system to keep the details of your company’s project secure.

Four Ways to Keep Your Company's Project Documentation Secure

A project manager’s job is to ensure this mountain of physical and digital data stays easily accessible but extremely safe. Every project entails a large volume of documentation in several spheres. These could include detailed plans outlining the objectives of the project. In construction, these include architectural drawings, lists of required materials, and completion dates. There’ll also be paperwork such as contracts, order forms, and receipts.

As the project manager, you are responsible for all aspects of your company’s projects, including sensitive data that needs high-quality security. You’ll also need to break the project into manageable portions and include a breakdown of the estimated costs. However, to keep yourself and everyone else on track, the documentation needs to be up to date and safe from unauthorized personnel.

1. Document Management Software

The ultimate in project management is using designated software. It provides you with templates, spreadsheets, and reliable, secure storage for every aspect of your project. In addition, you’ll gain a centralized data collection point that allows you to access any document you need. Finally, these systems are noted for their in-built security measures. As the project manager, you’ll be able to set passwords and authorize access for selected team members. You can also update the system to accommodate new security information.

One of the main advantages of this type of system is using real-time updates. It enables you to monitor different security measures for each phase of the project. Encrypted code and passwords help to keep the entire system secure. Updates regarding access, daily reviews, and explanations concerning alterations are all set instantly. It allows anyone authorized to use the system to comply with any updates concerning security features. It’s an essential part of communication management, an area that is often neglected. However, it’s vital to the project that you have a system with reliable security features.

2. Cloud-Based Storage Systems

An alternative method to keep your documentation secure is cloud storage. It includes several advantages over documentation management software. First, documentation with cloud storage can be securely accessed from any location around the world. Second, a system is often reliant on the computer where it was originally installed with specialized software.

Many project managers work for small businesses. Cloud storage offers an encrypted system that’s within your budget. The costs of any project can quickly escalate. Easy access to documentation in secure cloud storage can help a small business estimate its budget more effectively. You can still keep your project’s documentation safe by restricting access for any team member. The system also provides you with important backups to prevent accidental data loss.

3. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

As the project manager, it’s your responsibility to organize consultations with professionals for expert guidance. Unfortunately, freelancers usually work on many projects simultaneously, making it difficult to meet the consultants in person. However, a peer-to-peer system allows you to share information securely with anyone involved in the project.

Documentation can easily be accessed and discussed in real-time through teleconferencing. A peer-to-peer system is flexible and convenient, but it might be vulnerable to security breaches. Therefore, sensitive documentation within the P2P network should include additional security. This could include secure firewalls, encryption, and regular password changes.

4. Off-Site Secure Storage

Every project manager must deal with physical documentation now and then. This might include original architectural plans, written estimates, and receipts. Paperwork must be retained for a significant length of time, so secure storage is essential. Off-site storage is often recommended to keep vulnerable material safe from hazards such as flooding or fire. Metal containers offer secure fire protection guaranteed for up to two hours. Premises that provide twenty-four-hour security offer peace of mind regarding the physical documentation of your company’s project. You’ll still have convenient access while maintaining the security of your project’s documentation.


As a project manager, you’re ultimately responsible for the security of your company’s documentation. It’s easier if you have access to safe and reliable documentation storage. Seeking expert opinions through peer-to-peer systems helps with fine details and problem solving as well as security. Dedicated management software offers an enormous range of flexible security features.

However, their expense often prevents small businesses from installing such software. An alternative solution is affordable, secure cloud storage. Every project includes the storage of some physical documentation. The success of your company’s project relies on access to secure document storage systems as well as your organizational skills.

Consequently, you’ll benefit from flexible and secure storage facilities. You’ll have increased control, flexible access, and effective communication to ensure your company’s project documentation is safe and secure at all times.

Author bio:

Greg Tuohy is the managing director of Docutec, a managed print service and office automation business based in Ireland. Being part of the Cantec Group, Docutec has helped many businesses throughout the country with their document security needs.

Four Ways to Keep Your Company’s Project Documentation Secure

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