Four SEO Skills Every Marketer Needs To Know

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Four SEO Skills Every Marketer Needs To Know

The marketing world mesmerizes us all, whether we care to admit it or not. Used in businesses big and small, it is certainly a helpful tool in keeping things moving and to help in generating income for companies.

As time has progressed, so has the technological world. In extension, the marketing world has grown and adapted to follow suit. With new and innovative marketing methods cropping up left, right, and center, there is no doubt this is a skilled profession that takes time to get right.

Previously, getting a job in the marketing sector was much more challenging than in this day and age, but that does not mean there are no specific skills required here. SEO, for example, is a critical element of marketing and is a skill that many overlook when considering a career in this industry.

Suppose you are in the position where you want to embark on a career as a marketer. Whether you are transitioning from a different industry or heading straight into a role fresh from university or college, read on to discover some of the SEO skills you need to know.

  1. Content Creation

Content lives the heart and soul of marketing and keeps things running. There would be nothing to market to your existing and prospective audiences without content. As a result, this is undoubtedly one of the vital skills that a marketer needs.

This does not mean that you have to be Bob Ross when it comes to painting! Content creation comes in a variety of forms. What’s more, there will be minimal times when you are solely creating all the content for yourself or any clients you are working with. Understanding the different types of content and how best they work will go a long way in your career.

  1. Social Media

Working closely with the previously suggested skill, understanding social media is required in almost every marketing job in this day and age. Companies use social media platforms as part of their marketing strategies, reaching new audiences and presenting their work in various creative and engaging ways.

Social media platforms can link directly to websites, which positively impacts the traffic heading to a website. Therefore, social media is key to SEO strategies, and you should ensure you have the necessary skills when embarking on a marketing career moving forward.

While a record fifty-three million people are active on social media in the UK alone, we recognize there might be some people reading this who believe their endless scrolling makes them qualified. So naturally, spending time on the platforms themselves and learning how they work will contribute towards this skill set, but it is not the be-all and end-all. There are other social media skills relating to SEO that you should make an effort to learn, including the likes of alt text in images and the likes.

Knowing about image and alt tags takes us to the following section.

  1. Tags and Coding

This might appear a bit more technical for some people than they would have hoped, but hear us out! While we recognize something like this might be daunting to those who are unsure what this means or how it works, there are plenty of resources and tools to help you navigate this process and learn this skill. Ultimately, it is recommended that anyone embarking on a marketing career understand tags and coding. There will be instances that you will be required to use them.

Tags are used with a website’s HTML code to collect data and can be added or taken away wherever necessary. Naturally, if you manage a wide number of websites, this can seem like a rather time-consuming task. Still, Google Tag Manager and other software provide individuals like yourself with one place to monitor and manage tags easily.

If you are interested in learning Google Tag Manager and know more about how this works in preparation for a marketing career, check out helpful guides created by industry leaders Superb Digital. Breaking down everything you need to know about tags, you can rest assured this is a marketing SEO skill you will have in the bag in no time.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

An acronym we feel confident many reading this are familiar with, PPC is an element of SEO used in varying capacities and works similarly. The only difference is that these are paid clicks rather than organic, as you might have gathered.

While you might not want to use this within your marketing and SEO campaigns, it is worth understanding how it works and other paid options that exist. Being able to differentiate these options while also having them available as an avenue should you need it will set you up for a lengthy and successful career in marketing.

Four SEO Skills Every Marketer Needs To Know