Foolproof Process for Listing New Products in Your Online Store
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Foolproof Process for Listing New Products in Your Online Store

5 Ways to Create a Foolproof Process for Listing New Products in Your Online Store

When overseeing an eCommerce site, many processes need to be formalized and optimized to achieve efficiency.

Arguably the most important of these is the steps involved in adding the latest and greatest products so that customers can access what they need before your competitors get there first.

If you feel like your current approach to listing new products is lacking, read on as we discuss the ways you can improve it significantly and see real benefits sooner rather than later.

Find the right products in the first place.

It should go without saying, but there’s no point listing a product if it isn’t going to sell well and turn a profit for your store.

With that in mind, you first need to consider which prospective products are worth adding to your inventory. This involves studying market trends, thinking about your current unmet needs, and assessing the potential options according to their likely profitability.

This guide is a useful primer on finding products for an eCommerce site, so don’t be afraid to put in plenty of prep before pulling the trigger.

Get product info direct from the manufacturer.

With your new products chosen, the next piece of the puzzle is ensuring that you have accurate information on the specifications.

You could source this from other eCommerce sites that are already stocking them. However, you don’t want to end up replicating mistakes made by rivals, so going directly to the original manufacturer’s site to find exact data is advisable.

This is an important step in ensuring customer satisfaction because inaccuracies on your site will certainly cause upset.

Use apps to help employees fill out the correct details

Speaking of accuracy, you can use third-party apps to ensure that team members tasked with creating new product listings don’t have to use guesswork.

Such software can easily integrate with existing eCommerce platforms; for example, the best Shopify fitment apps are perfect for pulling down precise data relating to complex product families.

In addition, with apps, you can automate a lot of the listing creation process rather than expecting employees to do everything by hand. This saves time and lets you justify the inclusion of a wider range of products on your site without succumbing to the added pressure involved.

Add compelling, high-quality images.

Imagery is paramount in selling products to visitors because first impressions matter. Even if an item sounds great on paper, you won’t enjoy optimal conversion rates if it looks lackluster in pictures.

The original manufacturer can again be turned to here, although there is a downside to using the promotional images provided at the source; they won’t be unique and won’t differentiate your site from other retailers stocking the product.

Having your photography sessions give a unique twist on each product might not be practical, depending on the scale of your operations. Even so, being aware that quality is crucial and using compact image file formats to avoid page load speed problems will pay dividends.

Take the time to compose a clever product description

Using data from the manufacturer makes sense when it comes to the particular details relating to a product’s specs. But when you’re adding a description to explain what makes the product worth buying, the copy-paste approach is unhelpful.

It’s better for customers and SEO if you have bespoke descriptions created for each product page. It doesn’t have to be an entire essay to make an impact. So long as the copy is well crafted and suitably descriptive, it will engage would-be customers and add to the influence of the imagery to secure the sale.

Wrapping up

There are lots of facets to listing new products, and taking them step by step and using software automation to accelerate the process will put you on the right path.

Of course, if you find that your processes aren’t working as expected, switch things up. Imperfections won’t fix themselves, after all!

Foolproof Process for Listing New Products in Your Online Store

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