Fix Earnings at Risk Issues in Google AdSense

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Fix Earnings at Risk Issues in Google AdSense

How can at-risk AdSense profits be fixed? What should you do if someone tells you certain adverts need to be fixed? Txt file difficulties to prevent significant income impact?

Are you seeking a direct, straightforward, and simple answer to the previous query? Perhaps you are a blogger who recently received approval for your Adsense account. You started to hit the air with both of your hands when Google Adsense flashed a red alert warning:

Your revenue is in danger; to prevent a heavy influence, you must correct several problems with the ads.txt file.

Suddenly, your eyeballs erupt from their sockets. And you start to feel like your stomach is sinking deep inside.

You’ve sometimes seen an increase in your Adsense earnings over time. Then, unexpectedly, Google Adsense displays this warning to you.

Fixing Ads.txt is not a difficult task.

Your curiosity grows. Is this a significant issue threatening to derail your goal of earning money from your blog?

Not at all, no. You can prevent Google Adsense profits from being in jeopardy. Rapidly

Your issue is this if you’re like me from a few years ago. You don’t know what the ads.txt file issue is that Google requests you to correct. You never wanted to deal with the technical aspects of blogging on your website at this early stage.

You’ve only wanted to produce pertinent content and immediately begin profiting from visitors who read it. Due to this, it is quite unsettling to be instructed to “upload the ads.txt file to your root domain”! What?!?

I was in your shoes not too long ago. And I can tell you this with all certainty. Almost every new blogger who applies to join Adsense will encounter this warning at one time or the other.

On my part, after fixing these Adsense earnings at risk warnings quite a few times, I now do it relatively easily.

Yes, to fix Adsense earnings at risk Ads. Txt file issues aren’t that difficult. And I’m here to take you through a few simple steps to fix Ads. Txt file issues in Adsense.

Please note that my simple solution to the Adsense earnings at risk warning is principally for WordPress users.

However, if you’re a blogger wondering how I solve Ads txt in Blogger or Squarespace, you may profit from the advice provided below.

Simple Steps to Fix Earnings at Risk Issues in Adsense

Select “Fix Now” and download the Ads.txt file.

  • Place the file Ads.txt in the root domain.
  • After that, open a browser and go to the website http://your-domain-name/ads.txt to ensure the upload was successful.
  • Next, use the Gmail account you used to access your Adsense account to log into Google Search Console.
  • Now that Google has finished crawling, which might take a few hours to a day, URL inspection will show the following status.
  • Lastly, after a day, check your Adsense account. You’ll be glad to learn that the error message is no longer present.

What causes this warning?

There are a minimum of two potential reasons.

    • The approval of your Adsense account has just occurred. Therefore, this is one of the measures you must follow to properly monetize your site using, among other things, Adsense display advertisements.
    • Although you’ve already implemented ads.txt, certain technical adjustments have been made (like playing around with some plugins). In addition, your ads.txt files were damaged or removed throughout the procedure without your knowledge.

I want you to take a moment to unwind by taking a seat. I’m about to demonstrate how to quickly solve WordPress’s problematic ads.txt files, which puts your Adsense profits in danger.

Earnings at risk warning not going away?

The notice might not disappear from your Adsense home page for a few hours, but it will. So do not be discouraged if you return there immediately after all of this, and it is still staring you in the face. It will ultimately go.

Please note: Do not deactivate or remove the plugin after doing this. You will have essentially erased your ads.txt file if you do this. If so, you should prepare to be instructed to address the Adsense revenue at risk problem once more.

How to Boost your Google Adsense Earnings?

Create unique, valuable content

To begin with, Google AdSense could initially accept your site before reviewing it for quality control. Put another way; you cannot load your website with low-quality material to index and monetize 100 pages.

Instead, find something you are enthusiastic about, and seek out others who share your enthusiasm. Next, collaborate with them to produce material that other readers who share their love for the subject would enjoy reading.

Make your site sticky.

Visitors to your website might not immediately click on your AdSense advertisements. However, if they leave after only perusing one page, you’ve probably permanently lost them and their prospective AdSense profits. This is why you need to design a sticky website.

This implies that you must ensure that each visitor to your website wants to explore the site in greater detail. There are several methods for doing this. To begin with, have easy-to-use navigation at the top of your website so visitors can quickly reach the highlights.

Make sure all content connects to other stuff after that. In this approach, if visitors aren’t interested in the page they’ve arrived at, they can see a link to one on a different subject.

Last but not least, add extra content links to the sidebar. Inform your audience about the articles that have received the most likes, shares, and comments. Visitors will stay on your site longer since they’ll be interested in learning why those particular pieces of content are so well-liked. Additionally, the more times people open your site, the more advertising they will see, which might result in more Google AdSense profits.

Give your visitors multiple channels back to your site.

Keep your website front of mind for your visitors. Multiple routes for people to communicate with you and follow you should be included in your header, sidebar, content conclusion, and footer. In addition, options like social networks and email opt-ins should be offered. By doing this, you may remind the visitor about your website each time you create or promote a piece of content in the hopes that they will return and possibly click on more of your AdSense advertisements.

Optimize your user experience

The user experience is one issue that many website owners face. Even if you have the best content and ad placement, if your site loads slowly or not on mobile devices, you risk losing a lot of people before they get a chance to read your articles or click on your advertisements.

You must thus take a few actions in support of your website. First, run a few fast tests using Test My Site with Google to ensure that your site loads quickly and is user-friendly on mobile devices. Both tools will let you know if your website has any problems so you can address them.


I have provided a possible fix for the Adsense error “Earnings at risk” in this post. In addition, I’ve shown how to upload the ads.txt file to the appropriate WordPress area. A quick method to index the ads.txt file on Google was also given.

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