First Timer To Mac Systems? Try These 4 Features!

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If you are a former Windows OS user, it is self-explanatory how shifting to a different OS can take a while for you to get the hang of it. Apple’s Mac OS is amazing to work with because it is highly user-friendly and is built on the theme of creating easy pathways for the owner of such devices. However, traversing through the new Mac system can seem like a herculean task at the start and far from convenient. But trust us, once you know your way around a MacBook, you are spoiled for life and wouldn’t switch devices.

Today, we will show you 4 nifty features that are a part of the new Mac OS, which will help you make using the MacBook simpler and more convenient. So let’s get started right away.

  • Instant Lock Screen: Don’t leave your screen unattended and unlocked; use the Control + Command + Q keys to lock your screen for newer versions of Mac instantly. Use Control + Shift + Power or Control + Shift + Eject if you have an optical drive or an older version of the OS.
  • Text Shortcuts: If you use the same lines or phrases repeatedly in your line of work, it will save time to create text shortcuts to paste them on then type them a hundred times. Find the text shortcut in Mac OS here:
    • Apple Menu > System Preferences
    • Keyboard > Text
    • If working using an app: Edit > Substitutions > Show Substitutions > Text Preferences
    • Use Add(+) to type the line. For Example & Home: Not available for the weekend, will be back in the office on Monday. See you then!
    • Once saved, type your replacement hey & Home to find the entire sentence being pasted.
  • Use Emojis in Your Text: Get quick access to the emoji menu in any content by pressing Control + Command + Spacebar. Adding emojis has become a routine and common practice even in emails; having easy access to the emoji menu helps!
  • Customize your Folder Icons: Taking the help of folders to keep all your files well organized and decluttered is a great way to maintain your Mac. Let us make your day better by showing you a feature here that you’ve probably not seen before: creating custom icons for folders! Not only is this a neat trick, but it also will make organizing more fun for students and working professionals alike. 
    • Find and download an image/emoji on Google.
    • Open it in preview mode and turn the background transparent using the Markup tool> Instant Alpha> Selecting the image background.
    • Edit > Cut and separate the background
    • Select the image or icon with the select tool
    • Choose your folder > Right Click > Get Info
    • Choose the blue folder symbol
    • Press Command + V to paste the emoji
    • Use Command + Z if you’re not satisfied with the final look!

The Apple Mac  OS comes with many features that can take a while for you to explore completely. Nevertheless, these features can be your starting point which will help you personalize your experience and slowly get better at using a Mac.

First Timer To Mac Systems? Try These 4 Features

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