FinTech Design Summit 2022

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FinTech Design Summit 2022

FinTech Design Summit – Aimed at a truly global audience, the FinTech Design Summit will welcome fintech professionals across product, design, and more, to form a cultural melting pot that supports the progression of our industry. Through talks, panels, live Q&A, chat rooms, polls, and breakout rooms, attendees will connect with our speakers and their peers to further our collective understanding of how the world handles money. Virtual; Jun 15-16, 2022, London; Jun 21, 2022

Learn how to build user trust

This year’s theme is more important than ever. With the all-digital banking era comes a level of apprehension that your products will combat as you build user trust.

Top experts in the FinTech space share their proven methodologies that our audience will take away to implement into their strategies and work. Discover just some of these methods ahead of the event on Jun 21.

Designing for trust

Take a deep dive into why you should build trust with your user with G Sinha. The UX Manager at Trust guides us in building trust, from macro-themes to micro-interactions.

Learn user and business value propositions for building trust, how to lead when trust is broken, and trust in the broader social context.

Building habits that create a trust to be able to experiment and try new things

Achieving trust within your team opens up many opportunities for you to experiment. With your team on-side, you may find them more willing to accept new ideas and allow them to flourish into greater things.

Finding product-market fit as a new company or a new product in a larger organization requires team focus and habits to build trust. David Standen, the Product Leader at Shopify, looks at experimentation, building a narrative that creates trust and fuels teams with a growth mindset to try new things.

Building and retaining trust in financial services

As the world of banking and financial services begins to migrate into an all-digital era, trust takes on a whole new dimension. One does not simply walk into a branch anymore, and speaking about your money in person is almost a thing of the past.

Understanding what it takes to build and retain trust is critical for financial products to be successful. The Director of Research, Sam Gager, and Design Director, Selina Petosa at SoFi, know this very well.

Join Sam and Selina as they highlight the ground-breaking research methodology that their team has developed, in which seven key themes have emerged. These themes are focused on building and retaining trust with their members. This research has been vital in not only helping SoFi set their overall strategy but is guiding them in how they design and build better products for their members.

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