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When it comes to releasing an app, there are essentially two platforms to select from Android and iOS. Although iOS represents approximately 14% of the worldwide smartphone market, iOS consumers pay more money on apps. On the other hand, android applications are usually free of cost with very few features in them. 

Even if they buy a premium version for any app, it does not have the same functionalities as an iOS app. But, on the other hand, with iOS, consumers can enjoy premium apps with better features. Therefore, they can produce more profit for app developers than Android users. 

This makes iOS unavoidable, and all entrepreneurs and businesses who wish to be active on the mobile market require iOS app developers. But even with that, there is a scarcity when it comes to iOS app developers. 

As per Statista, there are presently over 2.8 million iOS developers worldwide. Amidst this, many organizations and entrepreneurs consider it is challenging to hire them. However, most developers can find a job soon after finishing their education, and companies compete for bright individuals.

In big cities where the competition is high, you might find it much more challenging to fill out iOS app developer positions. So, if you are looking for app developers in Dubai or mobile app development in Dubai, it would be a challenge to find one. 

Nevertheless, it is vital to consider a few things before you move on towards hiring an iOS app developer. We would be covering all of the things that you need to know about hiring an iOS developer.

Abilities and Skills that an iOS Developer Should Have

You would want to hire the best resources for your project to yield positive results. Therefore, there are few skills that your iOS programmer should have. However, be it a young specialist or a professional expert, they should have these skills to make it to the interview stage.

These fundamental abilities would ensure that the iOS developer can successfully construct an app. For starters, Swift or Objective-C expertise is a necessity. These are the two programming languages that are a must for any iOS developer. 

Additionally, they should have experience in integrating APIs and a thorough understanding of the XCode IDE. They should also have a clear understanding of RESTful APIs and extensive knowledge of UI/UX design standards. Since user experience is an essential element for developing the iOS app, it is a necessity. 

Moreover, they should have a proper understanding of Apple’s Human Interface rules and guidelines. Apart from these, the developer should also have a working knowledge of a Core Data framework. Furthermore, Metal or OpenGL knowledge is required. 

The developer should also have extensive knowledge of code version control technologies such as Git. Since you are now aware of the skills, you must decide which team is best for your project. The team model that you choose should be according to your present team’s size and budget.

Development Team Model 

When we talk about the development team, there are many options available for you. However, the most common approach that the companies use is 2. One is hiring an onsite development team or a remote team. It would be up to you to choose any one of the models. 

Your main goal should be to search for a team of professionals that can produce a high-quality solution at a fair price. There is no generally optimum option here that you can follow. Therefore, your employment approach should be tailored to your specific scenario and requirements. Let’s go over all of the options, talk about when each is best, and evaluate them.

Inhouse Teams 

Many non-tech organizations establish their own IT divisions that are in charge of the company’s software applications. By creating an IT division, they can easily cater to the issues that come during the operations. However, establishing an in-house development team is a difficult task. 

As you would be responsible for the team, you would be handing each and everything. From identifying applicants and analyzing their abilities to outfitting workspaces with tools and retaining professionals, all of it would be your responsibility.

Establishing an in-house team is typically a smart choice for mid-sized and large firms. Since it allows them to recruit top experts, they would prefer this model. Also, it enables them to promote junior developers within their firm through mentoring.

However, for small and medium enterprises, it can be a bit difficult task.  Startups also frequently prefer to outsource development to cut costs and also get up and running quickly. Like every other thing, this has its pros and cons. 

The pros that the model offers are that you can easily communicate and coordinate with your team members. With face-to-face interactions, there would be fewer communication issues and mistakes. Also, In-house developers would be able to understand your brand and internal operations well. 

On the other side, the cons of having an onsite team are also that we cannot ignore. You would have to pay them even if there are no duties for your staff right now. Also, the recruitment process is intricate and complex. You must be prepared to locate new developers to substitute those that depart your organization over time. 

Moreover, you are responsible for administrative expenses, taxation, labor, technology, programs, incentives, sick days, holidays, and other costs.

Remote Teams 

Remote teams are a much better option for small and medium enterprises. There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by hiring a remote team. It is a much cheaper option since you don’t have to bear all the expenses you incur in expanding your team. 

Most importantly, it saves you from the expense of rent. Rent can be a huge burden for small companies or new startups. And if you expand your team, you would likely need a bigger space to accommodate them. As a result, it would increase the cost of your business. 

Also, you can now hire some of the best talents from anywhere around the world, and that too at a much lower cost. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more benefits that companies can enjoy from hiring a remote team. 

As for the cons of the system, there are not many to mention. The language barrier and time zone difference can be a hurdle, but you can easily overcome them.  

Wrapping Up

Having an app is now becoming a necessity for many companies rather than just a luxury. And in the pandemic, we did see a business with an online presence stay afloat in the tough times. So, now is the time for your business to build a robust iOS app. 

And if you are not sure where, to begin with, you can always turn to Cubix for help. Cubix is a renowned mobile app development company that can help you take your business to the next level. 

With more than 12 years of experience, they have the right team by their side to ensure the success of your project. Feel free to give them a call to discuss your project details or visit their website to learn more about them.

Find Your Professional IOS App Developer in Dubai

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