We provide financial literacy services that are completely focused on business. We know the language and will speak it regularly with you. We distinguish ourselves from other financial management services by speaking your language – not by requiring that you learn to speak ours.

Many of us have been successful in our careers by doing what we do – web design, medical professional, sales & marketing. However, when you leap into entrepreneurship, all those back-office professionals in large corporations are now compiled into one person – you, the business owner. Therefore, I guarantee that you will have a new-found respect for the accounting department once you go off on your own.

You probably didn’t grow up dreaming of a career in accounting. But I promise you, if you don’t understand how the numbers work, you’re going to get yourself in trouble. For example, what is the ROI of this project? If I increase my margins, how will it impact the bottom line? What is the break-even analysis for adding a new truck? If this all sounds like complicated financial speak, we can help.

We work with business owners and executives to help them “get” the numbers.

Financial Literacy for Business Owners

Financial Literacy for Business Owners

  • Break-Even Analysis

    • How many do I need to sell to cover overhead?
    • When do I start to turn a profit?
    • Are these numbers doable (feasibility)
  • Introducing Financial Statements

    • Profit & Loss (Income Statement)
    • Balance Sheet (What I Own, What I Owe)
    • A/R and A/P – what does it mean when they go up or down?
    • Cash Flow Statements – It’s all about timing!
  • Financial Projections

    • Where do the numbers come from?
    • Financial Modeling
    • Return on Investment
  • Equity and Outside Investors

    • What is a pre-money value?
    • How much ownership do I give up?
    • What is an exit event?

We make sure that you understand your business’s finances – both in the financial reports and how your business supports (or doesn’t) your goals and aspirations. We make sure that your numbers have real context and that you “get it” so you can succeed in your business.

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