Fashion Marketing in the eCommerce Sphere

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Fashion Marketing in the eCommerce Sphere

Blending Legendary With Tech – Fashion Marketing In The eCommerce Sphere

One of the most curious marketing success stories of the year so far concerns Toronto-based fashion company Aritzia. As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation highlighted in their profile of the business, the company saw US revenue grow 58% by the end of Q4 2022 – yet, it hasn’t followed many of the classic marketing campaign techniques of old. Instead, it has fully embraced the digital sphere, using TikTok to leverage huge interest and create a buzz that has resulted in massive growth. That being said, Aritzia is a boutique brand – and has shown the benefits of blending old-school class with modern-day digital savvy.

Fashion Marketing in the eCommerce Sphere

Ethics and sustainability

When it comes to bringing in the Gen Z market, sustainability is crucial. Consumers highly value sustainable and ethical brands, and it’s becoming an essential facet of any startup brand that they engage with this. While bigger brands can afford to take the hit of not conforming to these standards, it can be fatal for startups. As a result, startups must take care of how they choose their clothing manufacturers. As well as being affordable, they should be ethical, sustainable, and progressive in improving themselves. According to Oxfam, Aritzia, while not fully engaging with all ethical standards, has published extensive information on how they meet that standard. So for startups, why not go one better, and ensure absolute and full transparency in the supply chain – which will enable potential customers to make informed choices and provide marketing opportunities?

Social media – taking control

Social media has advanced once again with the huge presence and importance of TikTok. While previous marketing brands sought to generate awareness and value through YouTube views and Instagram clicks, TikTok has flipped this on its head – as Time Advisor highlights, it’s very difficult to monetize TikTok content. Instead, social media must be viewed as an opportunity to spread awareness. Take advantage of the fairly open algorithm to push content and bring in a buzz – just as Aritzia has done. This can still be done with class, of course. Consider the standout fashion campaigns of old; they can still be used in shorter formats on TikTok, making standout statements.

Old world protections

Fashion, especially fast fashion, has defined the modern clothing world. Millennials like to buy easily disposable gear, often based on the biggest brands and imitating the biggest trends, with the ultimate goal of having quick-changing fashion. Unfortunately, as Bloomberg highlights, this has created a headache for many of the biggest brands as they find their intellectual property rights infringed upon. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to dip into old-world methods when protecting the brand – something that’s essential to protect the niche and good ideas a startup has.

Together with excellent digital marketing fundamentals, these principles can help businesses to grow. A commitment to understanding and deploying digital work and harnessing the energy of older fashion principles is key.