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Facebook Marketing & Hotels

It’s difficult to walk down the street in any city around the world today and not see at least one person using their phone. People are using their phones to find directions, to communicate with friends, to pay for things they buy and lots more. The ubiquity of the smartphone is met by the enhanced presence of reliable Internet connectivity so that it’s easy for anyone to stay connected even while on the move.

Social media platforms have been on a steady rise since their initial emergence. While there are a number of platforms, some offering differing formats and interfaces, Facebook is still by far the most popular and successful of all these networks. With its powerful draw, Facebook has built and continues to build a huge amount of data on people which is immensely powerful to brands like hotels.

While it’s important for a hotel to have a Facebook page from just a branding point of view, there are major areas of customer service that it can cover also. People like to leave reviews about their stay on Facebook and these can be very useful. It’s vital that whoever is responsible for the hotel Facebook page understands fully how to use it and how to deal with any relevant queries or concerns that may arise along the way.

This infographic from the people at The Dunloe is a useful guide for what you need to understand the importance of Facebook marketing and hotels. Read some interesting data about Facebook as a social media platform; understand the basics of setting up a profile and also learn what to do next once you have the profile actually set up in order to move it forward. Check the full infographic out below.

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Facebook Marketing & Hotels

Facebook Marketing & Hotels

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