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Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook advertising is no hard nut to crack, but it’s not exactly the simplest either. It’s definitely more complicated than your simpler boosted posts, so being fully prepared with winning knowledge and information definitely helps. Read on to find out how you can get your advertising strategy right!

Facebook Advertising 101 Infographic

First and foremost, whom do you want to show your ads to? Remember that Facebook targeting is different from Search Engine Marketing: it targets by their different characteristics. This includes their demographics, interests, and behavior.

When you’re setting up your targeting, never go the easy way and choose broad categories. Be as precise as possible – think carefully about your intended audience, their preferences, and habits.

This ensures that you create ads that speak closely, resonate and relate best to your target audience, therefore maximising and saving your ad spend. Still unsure? Read this for more.

Next, how are you going to entice your target audience to take action? Make use of the different offers you can use on Facebook, from limited-time discounts to contests and free trials.

Now that you’ve decided on a target audience and the kind of offer you want to give, tackling your actual ad is next. When you scroll through your Facebook page, do you notice how messy it is with posts strewn everywhere? In order for your target audience to single your ad out, you need to use compelling ads with these aspects.

On Facebook, you also have different ad formats to select from so it’s not dreary and boring with just static images. They range from static images to carousel and video.

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Choose the best format that can best bring your message across to your audience in a fun and engaging way. It should also meet your overall ad aims the best possible way.

For your ad copy, these tips are particularly helpful in getting your audience’s attention and triggering engagement, especially if you’re no copywriting guru. Because our minds typically skim through chunks of text and disseminate them, these powerful words are effective to capture their attention.

Now, before you do up your ad, you need to select your campaign objective. This objective is important because it determines the segment of your target audience Facebook shows your ad to, that best meets this objective.

Of course, you should also choose the objective that best fits your overarching goals, because every option is different. For example, if your aim is to drive leads and sales, select the options “send people to your website” and “increase conversions on your website”.

Lastly, Facebook offers you handy tools to boost your ads. Easily available at your fingertips, it’ll be a waste to not utilise them.

For example, you could use the Knowledge Graph to find out the favourite pages and interests of your target audience. You could also use the Power Editor tool to create and analyse ads efficiently.

Check out more examples on creating a Facebook ad campaign from the infographic!

Ted runs Ice Cube Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Singapore that helps local small businesses acquire leads from channels such as Facebook and Google.

Facebook Advertising 101

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