Exploring Buyer Personas with Adele Revella

It’s not enough to know your buyer – if you want to influence your persona’s buying decision, you need to thoroughly understand the choices they make at every step in their journey.

We sat down with the author of Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insights into your Customer’s Expectations, Align Your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business.

The best way to understand what people want is to get to know them. Businesses are beginning to re-embrace this truth and realize that Big Data reveals only part of the customer’s story. Marketing surveys have indicated that, within the next couple of years, at least 80 percent of all marketers will be using buyer personas to define their audiences and guide business strategies. Those who have already tried the technique have been amazed by its ease and value, yet, for many, buyer personas are still not translating to increased business.

Our discussion explores the need for buyer personas, developing them, and ultimately how to use them to drive business growth.

It’s time to ensure that your sales, marketing, and product teams know WHY buyers decide to evaluate your solutions and choose you or a competitor.

The ROI on buyer personas is impressive and measurable … when they convey the whole truth about what your prospective customers need to know and experience before they buy and when your company commits to aligning its actions with the buyer’s expectations.

A recent study by Salesforce underlines the ROI of knowing your buyer’s decision mindset, with 81% of B2B buyers choosing the company that provides the best buying experience, 45% stating that most companies don’t meet their needs during their evaluation, and 50% who stopped buying from a current provider because a competitor provided a better buying experience.

When your teams understand your customer’s needs at every step in their buying journey, you can be the provider who makes it easy for buyers to choose you.

Exploring Buyer Personas with Adele Revella