Top Reasons to Exhibit Your eCommerce Business at a Trade Show

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Top Reasons to Exhibit Your eCommerce Business at a Trade Show

Top Reasons to Exhibit Your eCommerce Business at a Trade Show

According to estimates, there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers. With the world’s population being 7.7 billion, 25% of the global population is shopping online.

Back in 2017, e-commerce was responsible for generating $2.3 trillion in revenue for retail, and it is expected that by 2021, the figure will hit a whopping $4.5 trillion. Within the United States, e-commerce represents 10% of the sales and is expected to grow to 15% in the coming years.

These important statistics imply that you are in for hefty revenue generation with your e-commerce business. But is it this easy? Of course not! You need to take the right route toward success, and a combined focus on trivial and primary factors will take your business to places.

If you want to be ahead of the game, ensure your marketing strategies are bigger and better than everyone around. While most of us rely on the new, intriguing digital ways of marketing, we tend to forget that even the traditional methods work wonders.

Digital marketing has opened new avenues for reaching audiences but hasn’t made primitive marketing methods obsolete. To attract new customers with word of mouth, exhibiting your business at a trade show can prove to be a futile idea. A trade show design company can guide you if you are new to this.

Let us tell you about the wondrous advantages and the attractive ROI that come with participating in a trade show:

Strengthening the Bond with Existing Customers and Meeting New Prospects

Since you do not have any proper physical location for customer interaction, where do you think you will be able to connect with them in person? There is no better option than a trade show where you can show your customers your true potential and address their concerns.

Most business interactions are carried out through emails or phone calls but are still not as influential as face-to-face meetings. The Wall Street Journal cites a study by Oxford Economics, a well-known financial publication, indicating that face-to-face meetings are more effective in creating strong relationships with current and prospective customers.

Have you ever seen a customer increasing their monthly spending by 100% through email? It is almost impossible for customers to commit to large deals through phone calls or digital means. Trade shows are the perfect way to approach your customers with huge orders and some long-term plans.

Following a sales lead online or through a phone is nothing less than a hassle. Imagine leaving countless emails and messages without getting any response. Moreover, this irritates the customer and may even create negative word of mouth for your business.

Getting your voice heard by new clients is nearly impossible through outbound marketing. Meet them in person, and there is a very low chance that you’ll be unable to convince them to try your website. Not all prospective customers will be impressed by your efforts at a trade show, but at least they will pay attention.

Learn About the Industry and Your Competitors

Trade shows are one of the best ways to know in which direction the industry is headed. During the off-peak time, you can leave your booth and walk around to check what other companies from the same industry are up to. You can see what your competitors are doing right and where they are going wrong. This will enable you to devise a refined strategy of your own.

Trade shows are the perfect place for businesses to announce the latest developments and innovations. Quite often, these developments have a profound impact on the entire industry. By staying in the loop, you will know the new trends in the industry, the demands of the customers, and the latest services being provided by your competitors.

Avail this opportunity as a chance to interact with not only your customers but also with prospective vendors. These small business owners can help expand their supply chain and provide you with more clients. Ask your Purchasing Manager to connect with these vendors and contractors to make this trade show a two-way opportunity for you.

Plenty of companies choose trade shows as the platform where they can experiment to exhibit their new products or launches. You can try it out by letting people know of your exciting offers or observing how other e-commerce companies lure customers to their websites.

Become a Recognized Brand in the Eyes of Your Customers

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of participating in a trade show is creating a strong image for yourself. You enter the tradeshow as a small company, and if you win over customers, you will return as a brand. A specific segment of the target audience attends a tradeshow, providing you with definite opportunities for branding.

The best way to stay with the attendees is through giveaways. Always have some interesting promotional giveaways that are useful for the customers so that it is easier for them to remember your business’s logo or name. Another way is to provide the people visiting the booth with brochures containing company profiles so that they know more about you.

By strategically positioning your booth next to the ‘blue-chip’ companies, you can create a powerful psychological image and take your company from being a ‘startup’ to an ‘established brand’ for the customers. This shows that the right strategy can prove wonders for any new company participating in a trade show.

While participating in a trade show, remember that you are a digital e-commerce platform, so people would need to connect with you online. Display all the important information regarding your social media presence so that people can connect with you on the web.

Always use eye-catching and attractive display banners to draw people towards your booth. By having such a distinct presence, you will also stay in the minds of prospective customers for a long period. Any reputable trade show design company like Exhibitus will ensure that your booth stands out even if surrounded by the best in the industry.


Understand the fact that there is intense competition in the e-commerce niche, with more and more websites being launched in the market. It would be best if you were very comprehensive in your marketing strategy to ensure that many people know about your website.

It is essential to establish a strong image so that people choose your platform over others to make their online purchases. Participating in trade shows can put you in direct contact with the prospects and provide new horizons for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Hire a reputable trade show design company that can ensure that your booth is attractive enough to lure the attendees towards it. Once you have a successful exhibition at a trade show, there is no looking back for your e-commerce business.

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