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Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing AI  

When Robots Write: Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing AI  

Digital marketing has been evolving at a rapid rate, and it has gotten another bout of acceleration in its development thanks to artificial intelligence. While the concept for that technology in its current form had been around for quite some time, the technology to turn those ideas into reality had only come recently, which then spurred on all this talk about AI.  

Its potential is such that one of its best applications in digital marketing is combining it with one of the field’s oldest practices—email marketing. Implementing artificial intelligence into email marketing does seem like a perfect fit, but you must also be aware of how it can work, what it can’t do, and what you should look out for.  

What is Artificial Intelligence?  

The technical definition for artificial intelligence has become rather complex due to its many implementations and innovations over the decades. What we know now as AI in the mainstream is the ability for machines to accomplish tasks without needing real-time input, relying on data and an ability to learn (machine learning) to come up with solutions or algorithms necessary.  

AI, bolstered by machine learning, can automate repetitive tasks, freeing people from drudgery and enabling the allocation of time and resources into more proactive tasks. Data can also be analyzed more thoroughly through AI, letting digital marketers better learn who their customers are and understand what can be done to reach more people.  

What is Email Marketing?  

Sending a piece of advertisement through the mail has been done for ages, so it seemed natural to do the same through email when the technology started to become more and more proliferated all over the world. Email marketing is an act of sending email messages with the purpose of building brand awareness and trust in the hopes of converting a recipient into a customer.  

The email inbox is a person’s most intimate online space, which makes email marketing so powerful even in the age of social media. Even if ad blockers and spam filters are the norm these days, email marketing still holds its place in the digital marketing arsenal. 

What’s the Catch Between AI and Email Marketing?  

While the hype may get you believing it’s the solution to all of your email marketing woes, do know that implementing the technology takes a good bit of work and it’s not a cure-all to everything that ails you as a digital marketer. AI simply improves certain things in various ways, making email marketing campaigns more manageable and yield better results over time.  

What it actually does is AI helps streamline marketing efforts, thus making for a more effective campaign in the long run. You just have to remember that the AI can’t do all that wonderful stuff without your own input and careful management. You still have to watch it, but at least you don’t have to constantly fiddle with it once you get it just the way you want it. 

Pros and Cons of AI in Email Marketing 

Using artificial intelligence for email marketing is a growing trend for two reasons—AI takes some of the load off marketers’ shoulders, and studies show improvement of email performance using AI. A report from BoomTrain shows an amazing 228% increase in open rates for AI-powered emails, making it a powerful tool that every entrepreneur would want to harness.  

The advantages of implementing AI in email marketing are mostly obvious. You save on time and money by automating the process and you get to automatically track things like whichever email addresses that are no longer active, how many in your mailing list are actually being converted, and so on.  

The speed, ease, and consistency you get to have with your email marketing when AI is in the mix can be tremendous, making it a lot less of a drudgery. You can then spend more time coming up with business ideas and executing them.  

On the other hand, having everything automated on that front may yield the consequence of having things happen too easily, thus there’s a tendency of flooding inboxes with emails that people don’t want.  

Being spammy is certainly something you may have to deal with once you have AI implemented in your email marketing. Being able to take the good with the bad and adjusting it to what is best for your business has to be a part of that process.  

Best Practices of AI in Email Marketing  

AI can help with optimizing email marketing in three key areas—email contentsend times and frequency, and promotions. If you are able to have AI assist your campaign in all three, you should be in good hands. It’s about learning what works best for your email marketing over time and being able to adapt to whatever changes may come your way.  

With email content, AI tools can help you hone your copywriting by predicting how recipients will react to your emails. They can evaluate your headlines, subject lines, and the copy itself and give you ways to improve each without sacrificing substance. You’ll also be able to save a lot of time with this that you may otherwise spend A/B testing on your own, as you’ll be able to test more email variations. It can also help you with the photos you use in the emails.  

Through machine learning, AI can determine which times of the day are best for sending your emails. The best times are when the average number of recipients who engage with your emails are at its best. Same goes for how often you should send your emails, making sure that you don’t send too many that they’re seen as spam while also not sending too few that you’re unable to make the most of your email marketing campaign.  

As for promotions, you get to learn through AI analysis which offers from your e-commerce website will garner the best results. The wrong offers can lead to loss of revenue, so figuring out which offers will convert your subscribers gives you advantage. Some may convert with a lower offer; which others may only want to bite at a certain percentage.  


Getting serious with your business’ email marketing doesn’t have to mean you have to dedicate all of your spare time worrying about whether they’ve been sent to customers at the right times. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can have a smarter email marketing campaign that’s sure to boost your business.  

If you have questions regarding the use of AI in email marketing or have comments and suggestions on how to better utilize it, please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for stopping by. 

 Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing AI  


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