Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Funnels

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Nowadays, the knowledge of digital marketing has become an obligatory element in the life of businesses. There are very few businesses that cannot be found online. Therefore, of course, more and more time must be spent for our company to operate successfully in this way and for our customers to grow nicely. Fortunately, you have many analytical tools at your disposal with which you can track whether you are moving in the right direction. Now we want to share with you what is best for your conversion funnel.

User experience

What is the Conversion Rate?

Without exaggeration, we can say that the correct conversion rate will be the foundation of your success. More simply, we can describe it as a metric or indicator which shows how many visitors have become real customers on your website. Now you sure think it is okay, but how do I do it? Please do not panic; we will share some ideas with you below to help you increase that value.

The essential first steps

  • Now you know what the concept of conversion and conversion rate is, so let’s get into the process. First of all, you have to rethink what your goal is. Do you want to get new visitors and with this increase this rate? Or do you want to turn as many visitors as possible into customers? It would be best to ask yourself questions like this because your whole campaign will lose its meaning without them. 
  • If you have formulated your goals, the campaign planning process can begin. The next step is to determine how you want to achieve your goals. Do you want to attract new visitors to your site with a social media campaign? Or maybe you would add a unique element to your website that could increase the number of customers? It always depends on your goal. It is essential to be creative and try to think with the minds of consumers. In this section, the user experience is of paramount importance, from which you can read more later.
  • If your campaign is already running, you have to look at how it is performing. Never miss this step since it will give you feedback on whether your campaign is effective or not. If you see data beneficial to you -such as a high number of link clicks on a social media ad, then you can already guess that you are making significant progress toward your goal. There are plenty of tools at your disposal for this, such as heatmaps, but an essential Facebook tool can be perfect for social media campaigns.

conversion funnel

Problems in the conversion funnel

For visitors to become customers, they must go through the conversion funnel. There will be someone who only gets to the first step – for instance, just visiting your site- but there will also be someone who collects information and buys your product or service after the visit. The problem can be manifold. There may be something wrong with your landing page, but it may also be the reason that your CTA (call-to-action) is not clear enough for your visitors. In many cases, jams in the conversion funnel are caused by some bad UX or technical errors. It could be poorly written text, a design that creates mistrust, or even an invalid link.

We suggest that you analyze how many people have crumbled; this will answer ​​where the problem is coming from. A perfect tool for that is Google Analytics; here, you can track your conversion funnel stages. In practice, you will see in a visualized figure which process performed how.

A lifelong relationship

Do not worry; you are not reading relationship advice right now; instead, we want to emphasize the relationship between UX and conversion rate. As we mentioned, user experience has colossal importance when we talk about your goals. A poorly designed exterior can completely ruin your entire campaign. Now you must be wondering, alright, but what constitutes a good design because at first hearing this may seem entirely subjective. Our answer to this is that it also has an emotional side, but some elements are practical to increase your conversion rate.

Be true to yourself

Use the image elements you used initially in your conversion-boosting campaigns. By this, we mean that if, for example, the blue color dominates in your image, then by no means do you make red or yellow creatives for your campaign. Be sure to display the blue color. Another good piece of advice is not to use flashy colors because these can create dangerous feelings of uncertainty in the visitor. In addition, strong contrasts can create a similar feel.

Transparency is key

Make sure both the elements of your campaign and your webpage are transparent and clear. Visitors do not want to spend a lot of time gathering information about you or even putting your product in the shopping cart. Your website needs to be logical to avoid dropping out. Perhaps the essential thing in your campaign is the clear CTA. Your campaign will almost certainly not be effective without it, and your conversion rate will not increase.

A good landing page

This is the page that the visitor meets with the first time; that is of paramount importance. This is the page where you need to make sure the visitor does not click on the link in your campaign unnecessarily. On the landing page, try to place any elements that convey your message; it can be a custom color, symbol, mascot, or whatever you use. Of course, the logical structure is essential here as well, as this is where visitors will move on to the other steps of the conversion funnel, and they do not want to spend much time now either.


We hope we have been able to help you create a successful conversion-boosting campaign. Of course, a good campaign depends on constant monitoring and improvement. Still, after the article, you can cut into the planning, and you have already become acquainted with some content elements.

We leave one piece of good advice at the end: try to use A/B tests. The A / B test is the best measurement tool to create your campaigns perfectly.

Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Funnels

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