Everything you Must Know About Buying Estate Jewelry

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Everything you Must Know About Buying Estate Jewelry

Estate or pre-owned jewelry is frequently confused with antique style, vintage, replica, or motif jewelry. While these terms may be used interchangeably, they aren’t often used correctly.

Strictly speaking, antiques are century-old items, vintage refers to iconic pieces from the Retro and Art Deco periods, replicas are imitations, and motifs depict specific ideas. However, estate jewelry may not necessarily be that old, but some collections can date back to the distant past.

We are jewelers that specialize in the sale and purchase of estate jewelry. This category is often ambiguous. We want to make it easy for you to understand these facts so that you can buy estate jewelry online or in-store.


Estate jewelry offers the opportunity to own designs from specific periods or modern pre-loved pieces at a great value. The older an article gets, the more extended history it holds – this makes estate jewelry appealing. However, any item may be pre-owned or estate, regardless of where it comes from or the specific number of years attached to it.  


In most cases, estate pieces emerge from inheritance. But they can come from owners who decided to sell the items. As long as you don’t mind wearing pre-owned jewelry, estate pieces are viable, and many are one-of-a-kind options to consider.


Estate jewelry can be of any quality. However, you’ll look to purchase pieces that would be good quality, beautiful, and many times finely made. At Rogers Jewelry, we have rigorous standards for what we put in our case. Every piece is inspected for its craftsmanship, material, design, etc., so customers adore what we offer. 


Due to estate shows and auctions, the estate jewelry buying trend has grown significantly over the last few decades. The pieces come with a history, are cost-effective, and you can find something rare. If you’re interested in buying estate jewelry, use these tips to narrow your search:

Examine the jewelry from all sides and angles, not just the front of the piece. It will be expertly finished, but you will find signs of wear. Try it on to see if it’s comfortable and if things don’t work, move on to the next piece.

Don’t settle for the first piece you see. Instead, compare and contrast all items and their prices to make a fair decision because nothing’s worse than the buyer’s remorse.

If it’s old, it must also look old. Check the weight, size, and wear signs of the piece. Estate jewelry, for example, a necklace that’s supposedly old with its enamel in pristine condition – know that something’s off.

Go with a specific jeweler and see what they have in store. This simplifies the buying process and offers peace of mind knowing they’re well-versed with their craft.

You can get estate pieces at every price point. The final decision would ultimately depend on your style, budget, purpose, type, and the value of the article you’re seeking.


We understand you may be nervous, especially if it’s your first time buying estate jewelry. But don’t shy away – the Rogers Jewelry team can help you with your shopping needs. We offer an assortment at attractive prices. Moreover, we also specialize in restyling or redesigning any pieces to suit the wearer’s taste.    

Everything you Must Know About Buying Estate Jewelry