Ethical and Successful Implementations of Artificial Intelligence: The Automated Future

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Ethical and Successful Implementations of Artificial Intelligence: The Automated Future

The future, as they say, is here. Thanks to the constantly increasing human population, services and businesses are racing towards a more efficient version of themselves. This race, however, is fueled by the increased dependency on data. This dependency on data was accompanied by an urge to become more efficient. The emergence of covid 19 emerged as an evaluation for these organizations. Automation saved the day by outsourcing mundane tasks executed earlier by humans. Automation is mainly performed with the help of artificial intelligence or machine learning tools. These tools have invaded almost all aspects of human life today, and since the population was locked down at homes, the reliance on them increased. The education sector today offers multiple options for AI and ML training.

Thanks to the recent developments in allied disciplines, AI flourished like crazy. Implementations of AI changed many aspects of human life, including logistics, food, and many other daily needs. Moreover, Commerce started booming around AI, including products and services able to execute orders without supervision. Thi article will concentrate on such a few marvels which changed human livelihood like nothing else.

Moley the automated kitchen

Imagine a cook able to serve anything from a specific dish by your favorite chef from the daily staple. Only the cook is not a person, at least not a real person. Moley is such a cook. Robotic, completely automated, perfect when it comes to executions. Moley requires no assistance in learning how to cook. Instead, he uses a preinstalled set of instructions to follow recipes and execute them precisely.

These time-saving robotic pieces of miracles are potent to change lives in many ways. Not just by reducing pressure but also by increasing the opportunity to relax in this extremely fast-paced life.

Self-driving cars of Tesla

Cars without drivers sound impossible, but thanks to the engineering feat achieved by Tesla, it is very much within range. Electronic Tesla cars can learn in an unsupervised manner from the human inputs, differentiating errors from the right inputs in the process. This learning, coupled with the latest navigation technologies, grants these cars to go anywhere by themselves.

This might sound dangerous given the consequences of wrong kinds of driving. But in reality, this automation is safer, as there is little to no possibility of human error. Furthermore, these cars are powered mainly by electric engines, completely obliterating any pollution concerns.

Olly the evolving AI 

Olly is an AI assistant like Google home or Alexa by amazon. This assistant is also programmed for unsupervised learning and self-modulation of its personality. This adaptive personality makes it more versatile and applicable for multiple sectors. Unlike the homely attitude of google home or Alexa, Olly can be deployed in highly corporate conditions without disrupting the work environment.


Sophia is a production-ready Ai enabled humanoid manufactured for domestic and industrial utility. Apart from conducting sensible conversations, Sophia can learn and express emotions like no other humanoid on this planet. Moreover, the expressions recreated by Sophia are so accurate that, in many cases, they connect and evoke like a real human being.

Sophia is commercially available from $99 to 149$, both for household and office use. Among additional capabilities, Sophia can act as an assistant and execute a few physio mechanical tasks.

Authors words

Given the scenario of AI innovation, it is wise to learn more about the phenomenon. However, the trends are showing a very provocative fact. AI domination of multiple aspects of human life is inevitable. Thus people adept with AI and related aspects of automation will most likely end up at the helm of human progress.

It is recommended to try and gain some hands-on, at work experience before looking for a real job. In the case of our country, an AI course in India alone can not secure long-term employment. Due to the immense cost and money involved in AI-related projects, employers always seem to prefer a little bit of experience from a job-seeking candidate.

Perhaps it is time to pack some bags and land with data-driven institutions and businesses in a city. A fresher can easily find hands-on experience in these cities in the forms of internships and part-time jobs, along with the opportunity to learn from a premier institute. The already settled tech community might also come in handy in assisting the newcomers with the way of life a tech professional might walk upon.

Ethical and Successful Implementations of Artificial Intelligence: The Automated Future