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Parting ways with your bed in the morning may have made you wonder about giving up your job and envy the happy human beings who work from home.

Working from home sounds all fun and perfect, after all, what could go wrong right?

Before you jump to conclusions and dream about self-employment, know that this wonderful “paid retirement” idea is not as cool as it seems.

You need to consider weighing down the pros and cons of switching your 9 to 5 job to stay at home and work.

You could be at home all day and yet be glued to the screen which does not make it any different than working in an office. Or you might find yourself getting distracted a lot more than you thought you would.

Just like everything else, you need to find a balance between being productive and sane.

Things to Remember about Working from Home

Go through the twelve tips jotted down below. These are essential to keep in mind, and it’ll be amazing if you implement them as well.

You Need to Work out

Get those lazy bones moving! While working from home, it’s convenient to get off your desk and do some push-ups. Or stand up, stretch and take a stroll in your backyard.

Hunching over your desktop for an extended period could cause you immense back pain. Invest in a good recliner to relieve your back from the stress.

It’s Important to be Social

Human beings are social creatures, and no matter how cliched it may sound, it’s the truth.

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You can’t just hide in your room, behind your workstation and only interact with the screen. Go and be a part of a volunteering community, sports club or other social gatherings.

You won’t have your colleagues around you to chit-chat. To save your sanity, go out and meet friends.

Schedule a Getaway

Enjoy and take full advantage of this perk of being self-employed.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to work from your room, right?

Go to a new destination, travel, and work when you feel like. Take your laptop to the beach and sunbathe while you blog.

Set Targets

One of the cons of working from home could be that there’s no one to track your progress or praise your hard work.

Working without a goal could leave you unsatisfied and lost.

Learn to motivate yourself through achievable targets and remember to reward yourself when you succeed.

Check your progress and see if you have both short and long-term plans.

Don’t Forget to Take Days off

Isn’t that the best part of working from home? But many of us are guilty of working even on holidays just because we’re freelancers.

Don’t give yourself excuses. Take any day off of the week and make sure you’re not working. Not even checking emails.

Time for Yourself

Allocate a portion of your time to do something you’re interested in.

Whatever it is you love doing, be it writing, painting or gardening; it doesn’t have to be anything specific. Explore other aspects of yourself and be dexterous.

Household Chores can Wait

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I’m sorry, but you need to stop doing the dishes during your working hours. Even if it may take a little while, those housework needs to be done after your productive hours.

What may seem an innocent chore at first could steal the valuable time you could spend on drafting and optimizing a blog online.

Professional Relations

Self-employment comes with additional issues that may not have occurred if you worked at the office.

Your clients and colleagues who are at office premises may envy your ability to get into bed anytime you want.

They could come off a little rude sometimes, so learn not to take things personally.

Communication over emails and instant messaging may not be as smooth as it may seem. So, be patient!

Be Imaginative and Creative

Just as important this is for writers and creative workers, it is also essential for other professionals.

Look out of the window and gaze at whatever you see. Let your mind wander. That is where the fresh ideas come from; a relaxed and subconscious mind.

Keep an Eye on Your Diet

Working at home also means easy access to food and snacks.

Don’t spend most of your time consuming unhealthy snacks because You’re constantly craving them.

Stick to a healthy diet and hide away chocolates or pretzels. Instead, keep fruits and dry nuts in front of you to munch on.

Value Your Weekends Just as Much

This is something you need to stick to no matter what. Your weekends are your time to be lazy or do whatever comes to your mind.

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Don’t become a workaholic. To save your brain from exploding due to extreme workload, holidays and proper time off are essential.

Enjoy the Weather

When it rains, go out and get wet. If it’s a beautiful sunny morning, go for a walk. Whatever the weather is, step out of the door and feel the moment.

Your eyes will get some rest and so will your body. Connect with nature and refresh your mind.

Final Words

Over the years, workers are leaving their nine to five jobs in order to become self-employed.

The idea sounds crazy and fun. But don’t take everything at face value.

Analyze the pros and cons, see what works best for you and think before you come to the decision.

If you know how to balance and motivate yourself to work, everything else will fall into place.

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Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. A tech-freak and book nerd, he loves sharing his philosophies of life with his readers. Read his articles at FeedFond.com.


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