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Essential WordPress Plugins

Here Are Some Of The Most Essential WordPress Plugins

If you are thinking about WordPress theme development, chances are that you are in search of the perfect WordPress plugins tools which can allow you to create a unique and efficient website. Even if you have been developing themes for years, there are a few things you can learn.

Given the fact the WordPress is used by millions of people, you can use it to make a dedicated website for your business. From plugins to various themes there are various other technicalities that can be used to create a better interface for your users. Building themes, applications, buttons, and plugins are various tools which can help with the development of your website.

In this article, we are going to learn about various WordPress plugins which are so popular that they have 1 million active installs. Let’s have a look at them…


Spam emails or comments can be really annoying. Most WordPress users experience spam comments very often. If you want to save yourself from the irritating spam pop-ups, then Akismet is a must-have WordPress plugin for you. This plugin is able to stave off all the spam content and deletes all the junk content.

Google XML sitemaps

When you think that you have tried almost everything for your site’s ranking and nothing seems to work, there might be some fault with your site. A likely solution during such times can be a sitemap. Sitemap plugin is one of the most highly used plugins which helps your site to rank higher with the help of XML sitemap.

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Contact form 7

This is one of the easiest WordPress plugins. You can create different types of contact forms and give them each a different name.  You can also make various boxes such as ‘ contact me’  and one for your email or phone number box. You can even customize your own drop-down menus for special CSS coding.


Instead of going and searching for various plugins, Jetpack allows you to activate more than 30 modules that are in-built. However, there are a few things you need to take care of while working with Jetpack. Various related post and site sans can be managed by this tool.


WooCommerce is a WordPress blog plugin that has revolutionized eCommerce plugins for WordPress. It took the most difficult aspects of creating and running an online store with WP and it made it about as easy as it could ever be possible. Though this does take some learning, the ease of use and various other plugins and companies that support the plugin add a lot to its functions.

Wordfence Security

A house might have a deadbolt, but that certainly won’t keep a thief from breaking in. Similarly, your WordPress site might get locked behind a slew of passwords, but that’s not the best form of security. Many people recognize the need to add security measures to their site and that’s why so many flock to Wordfence. The security WordPress plugin allows features like blocking malicious networks, scanning for vulnerabilities, monitoring various metrics that could make your site more open to attack, and much more.

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All these tools are best when it comes to creating a really unique website. If you want to give your website a really professional touch you can visit and work with the highly professional and skilled developers. Make sure you visit their website to get in touch with them and know more.

Essential WordPress Plugins

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