Essential Features When Choosing a Food Delivery Software
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Essential Features when Choosing a Food Delivery Software

The expectations of customers are evolving. The users in this era expect to order their food using mobile apps and have it delivered to their doorstep. Owing to this, there is a surge in the requirement to develop food delivery apps and consequent growth in the food delivery industry.

Moreover, as per a survey conducted by Statista, nearly 43% of the population prefers to order online than dine out. As a result, the Food delivery business has become one of the most promising niches in the food industry. It is expected to generate a revenue of around 200 Billion USD by 2025, as per Frost and Sullivan.

When choosing software for your food delivery business, certain essential features should be considered. The food delivery software primarily consists of one web application for the admin to manage the entire system and three separate mobile applications for the merchant, delivery fleet, and the customer. The features shared below give an insight into vital features of food delivery software for the seamless working of your business.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on the users’ devices. They are sent from apps downloaded on the device.

Push notifications can help a business connect with its customers. It helps them establish a direct communication channel. Offers, discount schemes, and other marketing messages can be sent to users, helping a business gain traction with its customers.

Importance and Usage of Push Notifications for your Food delivery App

Downloading your food delivery app and enabling push notifications is customers’ way to tell you that they want to hear from you. For example, let’s say it’s mealtime. The customer has not yet finalized the order. In the meantime, a notification about the top restaurants with certain offers is sent to the customer from your food delivery app. Your timely reminder helps customers decide, and they are inclined to order from your app.

You can use such notifications for the following purposes.

  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Loyalty Program Reminders
  • Location-Based Notifications
  • Order Tracking
  • Event Reminders

Real-Time GPS Tracking of Food Delivery

To stay afloat in this highly competitive food industry, it is crucial for food delivery companies to accomplish diminished costs and increased customer satisfaction in every aspect related to food delivery.

A Real-Time GPS Tracking system allows a streamlined food delivery process. When deployed on smartphones, such apps enable live monitoring and tracking of food orders and delivery fleet effectively and efficiently.

The following section brings major benefits of a GPS tracking system for food delivery.

Provides Real-Time Delivery Fleet Data

A real-time tracking system enables the delivery fleet to identify the shortest and most efficient routes to timely delivery orders to the customer. Along with a prompt delivery, a dedicated route helps in reduced fuel consumption resulting in better savings. In addition to the above, the tracking app provides essential information regarding speeding and idling, which can assist in measuring the performance of the delivery fleet.

Improves Order Completion Process

A real-time tracking app benefits can be extended to kitchen and management staff. They can leverage such a platform by having an insight into the real-time location of the delivery fleet to set the route for the next batch of take-out orders. This enhances the overall completion process and improves the service’s turnaround time.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer expectations is of utmost importance for a food delivery business. Nevertheless, many businesses struggle to meet such requirements without a real-time GPS tracking system. Embedding such a system to the food delivery app allows the delivery fleet to keep customers apprised of their location and time of delivery. Such information is beneficial in case of unforeseen circumstances to avoid delayed deliveries.

Easy Payment Options

Payment is the last leg of a purchase. Therefore, it is important that the customer feels extremely easy making payments for the selected food item. When a customer faces difficulty making payments, they lose interest in the purchase. So, it’s imperative to make the payment procedure extremely productive. This can be achieved by incorporating your food delivery app with popular payment gateways in the market such as Amazon Pay, iOS Wallet, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, and Cash On Delivery (COD) alternatives.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is a practice various brands and businesses follow to enhance their online presence and connect with their audience using a social media platform. However, to use this marketing strategy to its full potential, it’s imperative that the content posted on social platforms is authentic and tailored as per the business’s target audience.

Earlier, social media platforms were considered a way to drive users to the company’s website, thereby increasing traffic and selling their products and services. Today, however, social media platforms are a host to many business profiles, which are considered as an extension to the company’s website. As per a recent survey, about 90% of people on Instagram follow a business.

With social media integration, customers can share photos and videos with their friends and family and their favorite dishes. Such posts will make your app easily noticeable and easily attract new customers.

Delivery Management System

This feature enables the business to manage multiple deliveries through their business fleet. In addition, the delivery staff can easily schedule their upcoming deliveries through this feature as it gives a comprehensive view of the orders and their delivery locations.

Reviews & Ratings

Customers are the soul of a business. Reviews and feedback from your customers help you grow your business. It allows you to know the downside of your food delivery application. This feature allows the customer to connect with the business in case of any concerns and build faith in the company.

To Conclude 

The above blog brings forth various essential features of a food delivery app. It gives a clear idea of how these features improve the credibility of a software application in the food industry. Choosing food delivery software with these features will help you gain a better customer base by providing better customer satisfaction.

Essential Features When Choosing a Food Delivery Software

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