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Unreal Engine is one of the most favored real-time 3D video game creation tools. It is continually evolving as the tool delivers top-notch game development services. Uncompromised quality and proven results are key benefits of the Unreal Engine. Some popular games like Fortnite, Borderlands, Bioshock, and many others are built on the Unreal Engine. 

The primary focus of our today’s blog is to help you learn the essential features of the Unreal Engine games. So with no further ado, why can we begin to conclude the features of the Unreal Engine game.

  • Quick Prototyping and Iteration

Unreal Engine provides rapid iteration functionalities to the developers that help a lot while creating a new project. A lot of developers prefer a rigid and flexible prototype and rigid features to the developers. Unreal Engine gives you ideas in a more consumable form so you can iterate your imagination into reality. 

  • LiDAR Point Cloud Support

At present, people are more inclined towards online games. To help developers develop real-world games, Unreal Engine provides functionalities such as import, visualize, interact and edit with the added support of the Point Cloud. LiDAR point cloud support can also visualize the location and give accurate information to the game developers. 

  • New In-Camera VFX Features

With the release of Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games has brought new and updated new-in-camera VFX features. This feature comes in handy to simulate the workflow where live intense action scenes are filmed. 

This updated feature will let you capture multiple cameras against a similar screen. Also, with this feature, developers can control the rendering resolution of the gameplay. 

  • Character Animation Tool

Unreal Engine lets the developers customize the game character as per their preferences. With the help of mesh and animation editing tools, developers can craft stunning animations. The character animation tool is packed with a host of powerful features, including state machines, blend inverse, physics-driven animation, and so forth.

  • Live Link Data Streaming

Live link data streaming comes in handy when developers see the need to stream the real-time information from external sources to Unreal Engine. With this feature, developers can stream various things, including character animation, camera, light, and other necessary information. Live link data streaming will enable the developers to add third-party support to the applications. 

  • Sophisticated Lights

At the time when players are becoming more demanding and inkling towards the real-time gaming experience. Unreal Engine lets you satisfy the customers’ needs by offering them functionalities to create realistic interior and exterior light effects. With a host of lighting effects, developers will never see the lack of tools to provide a realistic gaming experience. 

  • Color Accurate Outcomes

Unreal Engine is equipped with the built-in support of the compositor, which enables the developers to composite the real-time effects to the gameplay. In addition to this, the added support of the OpenColorIO will let you set correct exposure to you, which will look good even on the HDR displays. 

  • Robust Multiplayer Support

Unreal Engine has always been on the top across many game development platforms because of its robust multiplayer support. The game developed on the Unreal Engine brings the industry-leading multiplayer experience to the players. Its scalable framework makes the game development process smoother. 

The Final Call

The above-concluded features of Unreal Engine are just a brief of what Unreal Engine can do. There are a lot of other features as well that drove the popularity of the Unreal Engine. 

If you want to develop a game, then Unreal Engine is the best game development platform you can bet on. Several unreal engine game development companies are available in the market that can help you with your requirement.

Essential Features of Unreal Engine Game

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