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Entrepreneurship is not about age

Entrepreneurship is not about age, it is about your determination, find out why?

Want to become an entrepreneur? Well, the definitely it is not easy money; you have to navigate lots of unknowns, and the path is infested with the risks of failure.

Entrepreneurship is not about age

Let’s start by saying this—ones you passed a certain age, you get acquainted with many of the things that can wrong for you, so you never start those. It is pretty much like an old saying which imparts that if we don’t have young men to fight our wars, peace can be easily achieved.

Putting things in perspective, people who are young, don’t know their negatives and don’t worry about them as well. So, the results they can achieve are also out of simple thinking. And this is the criteria which defined entrepreneurs in a real sense.

  • Firm Resilience—Youths brings an ability to special ability to rebound which people tend to lose with age. This resilience motivates you to try again after every failed attempt. Anyways, the entrepreneurial path is also infested with a myriad of impediments and blocks, you have to counter those blocks and come again with the same fervor.
  • No False pretence—As a young person, one a has a big life ahead with many new experiences. And from these experiences, they can explore more possibilities. The best part of it is you can determine how great a ride it will be. In fact, age is just the number; your life can’t over at any age number. Smart people always strive hard to make it an amazing ride, rather than sickening at any point in time. Like Shiv Gupta, an experienced or aged entrepreneur had sensed the business opportunities in South Africa and advised his son Atul Gupta to explore changes in tech start-up companies. Rest is the history, today, Atul Gupta of Oakbay investment owned a big IT firm apart from other businesses in South Africa.
  • No Big Responsibility—Most of the young people come fresh out of their colleges and studies and don’t have any responsibilities to take care of their spouses and children, so they can put their whole focus on their concept. And, later in life, when the kids settle down, someone with the young heart and zeal can also focus on their dreams, as they void of responsibilities at that time.
  • Energy and Passion—Undoubtedly, a young person always has more energy than an old age person. On the same lines, a person with an old age, but with a young heart and living their passion also has high-energy at old age. It implies persons with old age, but with the young heart can use their experience as business success factor to do the job with the same determination with less energy.
  • No preconceived thoughts—In general, young people are far leaner towards to try something new. As we age, we often refresh our memories of young age and can’t on the crazy things we tired. But as we have mentioned, age is just a number, so it’s never too late to resort to that craziness and launch a company.
  • Not schedule driven—Young generations always tends to break old conventions of schedule. They may party all night and work all the day, or the other way around. Currently, to get away from large companies fixed schedules are also pushing many experienced professionals to start their own venture.
  • Money isn’t a big deal—Most of the young aspiring young entrepreneurs of start-up companies have yet to experience what it is like to have a lot of money, so it is not a hardship for them to go without it. While on the other hand, most of the people will learn that money doesn’t mean complete happiness. Well, at the end, it is only excellence which keeps you motivated.

There are plenty of entrepreneurship stories are evident the fact that the advanced degrees can’t alone pay for a successful effort. It is more about your belief—how smart you believe you are, how business-minded you are, how focused you are and how perseverant you are.  These are quintessential of a young heart, irrespective of the age factor.

In a nutshell, if you have the will, then there is a way and being young or young at heart makes easier to for you survive in your business, which is the key to success.

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