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The Enhanced Ecommerce tracking feature in Google Analytics is definitively one of the best resources for marketers out there. At first, using the feature might seem a bit daunting due to the documentation and technicalities involved in the process. 

With Enhanced Ecommerce, marketers have access to a rich collection of e-commerce data and analysis. You can fully customize Google Analytics to your business’s particular needs.

Downloading the plugin opens a door to invaluable metrics that effectively allow for a better analysis that drives more powerful actionable insight to improve your business.  

Difference Between eCommerce and Enhanced eCommerce

If you have experienced the Ecommerce feature from GA, you will probably find it easy to see how Enhanced Ecommerce digs deeper into understanding how your website is faring compared to your competitors.

These are the reports that you will see on your Google Analytics view:

  1. E-Commerce Overview
  2. Product performance
  3. Sales performance
  4. Transactions
  5. Time to purchase

The eCommerce plugin merely tracks transactions that can help you:

  • Understand how much has been spent on a website
  • Assign revenue values to a given page
  • Tag products that make quick sales

This information is great for the sake of knowing what is going on with commercial transactions. But when it comes to giving your team tools to enhance the way revenue is generated, it has limitations.

To make more informed decisions, you need more depth and specificity. The Enhanced Ecommerce gives your team the power from the information mentioned above and a lot more. 

These are the reports that you will see on your Google Analytics view with the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin:

  1. E-Commerce Overview
  2. Product performance
  3. Sales performance
  4. Shopping behavior analysis
  5. Checkout behavior analysis
  6. Product list performance
  7. Internal promotion
  8. Order coupon
  9. Product coupon
  10. Affiliate code

With the plugin, you can:

  • Analyze the products that customers are viewing, putting in and out of their carts, and which are they taking.
  • Visualize at what point customers abandon the checkout process
  • Identify shopping trends
  • Collect data to publish to Google Display Network for remarketing purposes

How to Install the Enhanced Ecommerce Plugin

As you imagine everything that you will get from such a robust report, you can’t help but think it might all be pink unicorns. Let me assure you it is all there for you to take.

What I will not sugarcoat is how complex it is to set up. It requires an expert in coding and javascript to set up. 

It is strongly recommended for you to skip the DIY phase and outsource this job to a web developer. Unless, of course, if you are an expert coder yourself. 

Some things you should know about the plugin installation:

  • You should not use Enhanced Ecommerce with E-commerce.
  • If you are lucky, your current platform has a built-in integration.

What Kinds of Insights do I get?

You get buyer behavior through all the buying funnel. Did users find what they were looking for? Did they place their products in the cart? Did they complete the checkout process? Which product lists are generating more clicks?

The reports generated can be split into three main areas:

  • Performance per product (evaluating per brand or product)
  • Client behavior (interaction of buyers while they shop and check out)
  • Promotional (codes, coupons, and other internal promotions)

One important thing to keep in mind is that once you have migrated your property from eCommerce to Enhanced Ecommerce, you must test it over and over again until you get the expected results. 

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

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