Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Let’s check out the key tactics and marketing technologies that seem to be very important in 2017.

  • Content Marketing Trends: Content marketing is the evergreen technique that helps to increase sales for any business. Research shows that when competing on content Infographics, more companies are now using a strategic approach. So this trend will never let you down and continues in nearby future.

These trends are rising to the peak of inflated expectations and will reach the plateau of productivity in less than five years:

  • Real-time marketing. This moves in customer time as consumers create links to each other and brands.
  • Quantified self. This includes IoT wearable computing and is estimated to be a $5B market in less than two years.
  • Digital marketing hubs. These hubs assemble all the data to be used across the organization and in real-time.
  • Multichannel attribution. This set of techniques links specific actions marketers take to consumer actions.
  • Content marketing. Marketers need to build a content marketing supply chain and determine how to create, curate, and cultivate content.
  • Responsive design. This is especially important across mobile and after Google’s new mobile-friendly search policy.
  • Social Media Marketing: Trends in social media marketing are often controlled by the efforts of social networks to monetize, and this has seen Facebook and Instagram as the player among all the other social media channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is g a technique to enhance or boost any business to the top or influence the audience.

Apart from this, if you want to learn more about the new trends, you can check this Infographic, which gives you a detailed view of the main trends in Digital Marketing.

Trends in Digital Marketing - Understanding eCommerce
Trends in Digital Marketing – Understanding eCommerce

Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing