Email Sunsetting Strategy: Re-engaging The Subscribers Right
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Email Sunsetting Strategy: Re-engaging The Subscribers Right

Are you able to utilize your email list to its full potential? You might have spent a huge amount of money and endless hours gathering ‘leads’ that become your subscribers. Finding out that they are no longer engaging with your emails can be daunting for any email marketer. However, this isn’t rare as every brand faces a list churn rate between 25 to 50%. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t approach the situation with a proper strategy.

Given that email marketing stands tall as the most effective digital marketing channel with an incredible return of $44 for every buck invested, it won’t be wise not to try. Today, I will share a sunsetting email strategy that you can use to re-engage your subscribers the right way. If you are looking forward to reactivating subscribers who might be interested in rekindling the relationship with your brand, read this article to know my secret sauce to re-engage subscribers:

Build A Re-Engaging Plan Based On Your First-Hand Understanding Of Subscribers

To begin with, not all subscribers stop engaging simply due to losing interest. There might have been a change in the psychographic, earning, location, or any miscellaneous change that might have left your messages completely irrelevant. On the other hand, disengaged subscribers also lower your deliverability rates, thus negatively impacting your existing engaged subscribers. So, you should develop a re-engaging plan based on your evaluation to ensure that dormant leads are removed from your list without losing any prospect who might be remotely interested in buying from you.

Begin with sorting your subscribers based on the last time they opened your message. The recently disengaged contacts are easier to revive, while those who haven’t opened your message in the last 12 months are least likely to change their minds. Next, you can filter out disengagement after any negative experience using CRM data. Now, you can begin identifying valuable subscribers using their purchase history. After considering these aspects, you can build a strategy and implement it in phases.

Allow Your Subscribers To Set Their Preferences

The first email you should send to all of your dis-engaged subscribers should be about helping them set their preferences. It often gets too overwhelming to go through emails, while sending too few messages may also reduce their interest in your brand. Instead of figuring out the ideal sending frequency or understanding what they like to hear from you, why not let them do it for themselves? In the below example, Zapier applies the same logic to ensure that their emails stay relevant to their audience:

In another example from Bespoke Post, they have listed down the categories which users can tick to receive only the messages that have the content they love reading. This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of winning back your subscribers without shelling out any money from your pocket:

Send Them A Proper Re-Engaging Email Without Any Financial Incentive

Before you put your hands in your pocket to offer some freebies/discounts, it is a good idea to reach out with a polite message. Maybe they have lost touch and forget about your products. You can send them an email reminding them about your products/services and include a CTA button that takes your subscribers to a customized landing page. Using your hero image smartly like in your  email template can go miles, as you can clearly see in the image below:

Use A Financial Bait For Re-Engaging Your Dormant Leads

Many times, it becomes necessary to bring an incentive inside the equation to woo your subscribers’ hearts, and you shouldn’t waste any more time at this stage. Send your subscribers a discount offer or a freebie and mention it clearly in the subject line. Sending a personalized note will be even better. I recommend sending cascading offers to spend a certain amount before they can avail themselves of the discounts. This ensures that people don’t become inactive just for the sake of receiving your offers. Airbnb used this trick in the below example.

Take A Bow And Bid Adieu For Good

As discussed earlier, things don’t need to work out in every case, and you should be proactive in helping dormant leads leave your mailing list. Since they will not make any purchase from you, their presence will only distort the metrics and undermine your mailing efforts. Plus, the deliverability issues caused due to damage to your IP reputation are another strong reason to remove them. The below email template remains on the top of all well-designed unsubscribe emails since it conveys genuine dismay while doing its job. See if it inspires your next unsubscription email: 

Summing Up

One of the major reasons you should be concerned about re-engaging your dormant leads is that almost all of them were interested in knowing about your business at some point in time. Applying a sunsetting type framework ensures that gradual communications help filter out the subscribers and reach out to them logically instead of making all-out efforts. I hope you find this article on re-engaging email subscribers insightful.

Author Bio: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, specializing in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email Conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on the email marketing blog.

Email Sunsetting Strategy: Re-engaging The Subscribers Right

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