Email Marketing: The Strongest Tool to Connect with Your Leads

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Email Marketing: The Strongest Tool to Connect with Your Leads

As the name suggests, Email marketing sends emails to a group of people to generate engagement and promote a business. It aims to improve the business’s overall sales and publicize your work. Yes, people’s preferences have shifted from emails to other social media platforms, but this never defies the fact that emails are a great way of communication. You must be wondering why you use emails when the world spends most of its time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Email Marketing: The Strongest Tool to Connect with Your Leads

Here’s why.

According to various reports and research,

emails have six times more click rates than Twitter. In addition, there is three times the number of email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. Isn’t that unbelievable?

The number of people using emails has increased exponentially over the past few years. Recall when you are asked to sign in on an app and enter your email address to proceed. Almost every user of the Internet owns an email address. This is why email marketing is a strong tool for promoting a business. Email marketing is a great strategy for any business to connect with leads and convert potential buyers to regular customers by personalizing relevant emails. This process involves developing a mailing list which is a list of the target audience of the business. This list is prepared by identifying the potential buyers’ online activities like buying habits, surfing rates, interests, etc. An entrepreneur must know how to use this strategy to effectively grow his business over time. Below are a few points explaining why it is important to practice email marketing in a business:

Better Reach:

Emails have a relatively better reach than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The tremendous open rates of emails make it an effective channel for promoting and marketing your products & utilities. Facebook shows your content to only 2% of your followers unless it’s a paid promotion. In comparison, emails have 98% open rates, which manifests the use of emails for marketing & publicity of your business as the ROI (Return on Investment) is much higher than other social media channels.

More Conversions:

An entrepreneur can skyrocket his sales by making new customers through emails. This process involves identifying your target audience, making mailing lists, and then binge-sending promotional emails to potential buyers to offer them exciting services which might convert them to paying customers. Of course, this in no way means that the entrepreneur should spam the customers’ email boxes, as nobody likes to get messages they are not interested in.


Emails ensure a great economy for the business. Unlike Facebook & Twitter, emails do not carry any promotional costs and have a reach to a relatively much larger audience at zero cost serving with the optimum results.

Better Relationships:

Emails provide a phenomenal opportunity for a business to develop better customer relationships. Of course, an entrepreneur can’t connect with every customer in person, but emails ensure he remains in touch with his customers regularly. In addition, occasional emails on festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries by the entrepreneur could become great gestures of regard, which ultimately fosters the relationship between both parties.

Website Traffic:

Website traffic refers to the count of the number of people who visited your website, how long they stayed on the website, and whether they purchased from your website. It refers to the interaction of the users with your website. The emails’ reach generates high open rates, which increase website traffic. It also reflects the website’s visibility and popularity, which is very important to the businessman.

Personalized Emails:

Through email marketing, businesses can send personalized messages to their customers, focusing on their needs and interests. Content that offers value to the buyer is more engaging and might interest the customer in buying the products or services offered. In addition, the entrepreneur can promote services matching customer requirements to maximize sales.

Eternal Nature of Emails:

No matter what, the use of emails can never come to an end. One has to create an email address to sign up for various social media domains. This gives emails an edge over platforms like Facebook & Twitter as these would become obsolete one or the other day, and emails would continue to be in use.

Improved Communication:

The interaction between the two parties is important in business. The entrepreneur and the customer must be well informed about everything concerning any matter of the business. From the entrepreneur’s viewpoint, the customer’s needs and requirements must be known; from the customer’s viewpoint, the offers and services offered by the business must be known to make a transaction.

Not everyone is on Social Media:

Social media platforms show content only when you have an account and browse your feed. At the same time, emails get delivered to your device even though you don’t check them often. Also, social media channels have relatively fewer accounts, so businesses prefer email to communicate with their customers. So, emails clearly create more chances of a customer visiting your website.

Instant Feedback:

Email can also be used to get feedback about any new product or service an enterprise introduces. This improves the quality of the business’s services and helps get quick feedback so that improvements can be made without any delay.

These are some reasons businesses must use email marketing strategies to promote and maximize their profits. Any concern that implements such ways can excel and enjoy greater profits.


In conclusion, Email Marketing is useful for connecting with your leads and increasing your business’ engagement. It is a terrific way to expand your business and convert potential buyers into loyal customers with minimal cost to the enterprise.

About the Author: Adam Jackson is currently associated with Assignment Prime as an academic writer and has helped many students by providing them with assignment help. He has done his MS in Computer Science. Being a techno-geek, he loves reading technical magazines.

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