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Why you should include email marketing in your 2019 marketing strategy

Have you ever thought that a simple medium for personal communication could change the game of marketing ever? Yes, you guessed that right. This post is about email marketing. Email marketing has evolved at an incredible pace and now it can be considered as one of the promising mediums for marketing. This platform is now used by every brand to reach to their target audience. Email marketing works great with brand visibility and specific promotions. As a result, every big company is taking this path to bring in more customers and increase the conversion rate.

Why Email Marketing Is Important For Digital Marketing:

According to the statistics provided by Internet Live Stats, more than 3 million emails are sent every second. This figure is expected to get bigger every day. Isn’t it unbelievable? Considering this scenario, you cannot simply ignore the power of email marketing. If you are a marketer and aim to promote your product, email marketing is your savior. Scroll down to know why you should never ignore email marketing while creating your 2019 marketing strategies.

“If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beaten.” – Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people. It is also a very personal way to reach to your target audience. It has been found in different experiments that after social media advertisement, email marketing is the only way to increase the conversion rate. Emails are tailored according to the preferences of the consumers. This is because; every email communication becomes a relevant message for the audience. You can ensure that email marketing will bring in a remarkable number of customers to your website.

Are you still wondering email marketing is not the real game-changer? Read on to know the 6 best reasons to consider email marketing as the most prominent and useful medium.

Customer acquisition is more effective than social media:

Social media is an extremely important component for promotion and marketing. It allows you to interact with your target audience and build a relationship. But you need to understand that when it comes to marketing, the ultimate goal is conversion. Email marketing will allow you to channelize the path more systematically to ensure conversion. This is the way to go when you need to convert the target audience into potential customers. Many studies show that email marketing has almost 80% acquisition and retention rate for customers. The growth will be elevating each day.

Cost-effective beyond imagination:

It’s not only easy and effective but also inexpensive at the same time. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of nearly 0. For a small business with low budgets, email marketing is the most happening way to promote products and ensure sale. Despite the advancement of new technology and social network, marketers keep coming back to emails because of this cost-effective benefit. It is also better than the traditional marketing channels like TV or Newspaper. According to a study from and Forrester Research, almost 85% of the US retailers consider email marketing as the most inexpensive and effective customer acquisition process.

With the correct maintenance of email list, a good amount of ROI is also ensured. You can get more positive results in a jiffy if you devote in email marketing.

Customizable and Personal:

As marketing strategies are all about the targeted audience, the prime intention should be able to understand the needs and preferences of your customers. When you indulge in email marketing, you can customize the emails and tailored those according to the need of the customers. If you use your email marketing software appropriately, it allows you to address the customer individually by their name. You can arrive at them personally with their preferences. When your audience feels that the offer given in the email is related to their need and search, they will opt for it without delay.

Call to Action is easier:

Through email marketing, your call to action process becomes much easier. This one is an action-oriented channel. Your customers can reply to the mail, forward it or can even go for purchasing it directly. Email is transactional by nature. You can use it to bring direct traffic to your website by providing a business link with the email. This will ultimately help to drive sales to a huge amount.

When you start your business small, email marketing will allow you to see results straight away. Therefore, for aspiring entrepreneurs who really want to start in 2019, email marketing is the stepping stone for marketing.


Email marketing will give you an accurate number of customers who drive into your website. There is no place for guesswork in email marketing. By using a proper software, you can directly track who opened your email, which links were clicked by the users, and the number of people subscribed or unsubscribed it.

As you understand the conversion rate directly, you can easily improve on your email marketing strategy and make it more effective. The direct result helps you understand the loopholes and allows you to work on it instantly.


Gone are the days when people had to sit on a PC to log in to their email ids. With the advent of smartphones, people now can access their emails just like social media. Therefore, they are updated with the notification in a jiffy.

In a nutshell

Get out of the thought that in this era of social media, email has lagged behind. Including email marketing in your digital marketing strategy of 2019 is a must. Try out simple steps and you can witness the result on your own.

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Email Marketing is the Future

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