Email Marketing is Alive and Well in 2021

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In 2020, the number of emails sent grew by 45 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, users themselves signed up for the newsletter in greater numbers than ever before. According to these data, an email will not relinquish its dominant position and will continue to be one of the most unfriendly. At the same time, in terms of engagement, it even outperforms social networks.

According to OptinMonster, total interaction on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is 0.58 percent. In contrast, the average email open rate across all industries is 22.86 percent, and the average click-through rate (CTR) is 3.71 percent.

How do you obtain such a high level of participation? What is the key to a successful mailing campaign in 2021? Knowledge of the main industry trends will help answer these questions.

Valuable, Authentic, And Positive Content

Users are tired of the endless stream of boilerplate advertising that creates information noise. People want to talk to people and get emails written in human language about fascinating themes. Thus email newsletters are becoming more dependable. In addition, companies are trying to show the inside of the business/production process to introduce their team. At the same time, there is a move away from banal template letters and a search for new creative formats.

Following The Trends

Increasingly, the agenda determines the topics and content of business newsletters. One of many examples: the murder of George Floyd in America sparked a surge of street protests and a series of media articles on the subject. (“Books, movies, podcasts and everything useful to study to fight racial injustice,” Vogue). Many worldwide businesses have come out in favor of the African-American community. The Blackout Tuesday campaign was born (posting black squares on Instagram), started by Live Nation, and embraced by numerous brands and 28 million Instagram users.

Content supporting the Black Lives Matter movement began to surface more frequently in multinational businesses’ email lists. Dark-skinned models had previously been popular, but in early 2021, they got more engaged. The letters of Nina Ricci and Lacoste are excellent examples.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still a matter of discussion in 2021. Most nations have imposed restrictions. Therefore businesses are scrambling to find new methods to communicate with their consumers, introducing new delivery, ordering, service, and unique themed product options.

Deeper Integration With Social Networks And The Use Of UGC

Because social networks have long been a part of life, integrating them with e-mail is essential. In addition, it makes it simpler to monitor your audience and “invite” them to other websites.

You may achieve this by including an Instagram feed sample and social engagement buttons in your email template. When else can social media posts be inserted into the newsletter? For example, to announce a contest/raffle, announce an important event, and publish testimonials.

More Thank-you Emails And Extra “Bonuses” For The Customer

Birthday emails, according to Experian, may produce 342 percent more money than ordinary advertising emails.

From a marketing standpoint, such an email is an important component of the client retention lifecycle. How else can you show your consumer that you care and respect them while also increasing the efficacy of your direct marketing? Send them a letter with an exclusive offer, thank them for their purchase, inform them about extending access to the service, ask their opinion about the product, etc.


Email marketing will gain traction and evolve in 2021 to fulfill customer desire for engaging, helpful, and genuine information. It is critical to be easier and closer to the reader, talk about their “pain,” build friendly relationships in mailings, and maximize omnichannel by looping email with social networks and messengers. You should use all-new technical tools and not be afraid to experiment and deviate from the usual ideas to avoid losing in the information competition.

Bio: Rebecca Carter works at an essay writing service as a content writer and helps students with their assignments. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and, during her study, developed an enthusiasm for writing articles about the latest trends in the digital world, as her hobby is graphic design and SMM. When she is not writing, Rebecca enjoys being in the mountains and volunteering.

Email Marketing is Alive and Well in 2021

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