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What is Email Marketing:

Any email that you draft for brand awareness or increase sales is Email Marketing. It is key to initiating buying decisions in your existing prospect list.

Some marketers find Email is the most successful marketing strategy to increase visibility, engagement, and customer retention. Email Marketing is a long-term growth process because when someone gives you personal information like an email address, there is a strong chance that they like your product or service and are willing to connect with you.

Some people buy Email lists. It is a highly inappropriate method. When someone trusts your business, they will give their email address. So dont buy email lists ever!

Email delivers 44$ ROI every 1$ spent. This is the highest ROI anyone can get from any marketing technique.

Email Marketing for Beginners

Provide some value in exchange for Email:

Ask yourself, Why would anyone give their email address to you? First, you have to do something to motivate them to share their valuable contact information. For example, you can create only subscriber-specific offers in exchange for their email address. You can give free E-books or free samples related to your product.

Segment your list:

When you have an organic email list, it would be best to differentiate your email recipients by geographical-specific, content-specific, and behavior-specific. Also, you can segment your list by recent, repeat, and first-time buyers. It will give you more quality to start your campaign and helps you to perform different strategies for different types of customers.

Eye-catchy subject lines:

Although this may seem to be only a tiny part of your message, it is one of the first impressions you leave on email recipients. Many people say that your first impression determines your appearance. The subject line is key for us to stand out from other marketers from the same inbox. Try more attractive subject lines to draw the attention of the reader.

Business email

Tip: use personalization, numbers, emojis, creativity, urgency factor, etc.

Explicit content:

In every battle of the digital era, high-quality content always wins. Good readers always pay attention to content value, so content is the only key to building trust. Your content should be unique also justify the topic very accurately. Good content connects you with the target group and builds trust between you and your valuable customers. In addition, high-quality content continually educates the readers. 

Make sure your content should be formatted properly. For example, make the headline Eye-catchy but to the point. Be double-sure about grammatical mistakes. Use appropriate CTA(call to action).

Make it easy to opt out:

Especially by the CAN-SPAM and the GDPR law, you have to give a chance to your subscribers to opt-out. If someone no longer wants to receive your emails or communications, they can quickly end the conversation. This is very useful for email marketers because it keeps you safe from getting infected in a spam folder. In addition, we can easily identify whether the content is good for the customers by reading the report.

Clean your list:

If you don’t clean your email list regularly, It will impact your email deliverability. Many people don’t want to disclose personal information like home address, phone number, and email address. Some people knowingly or unknowingly type invalid email addresses. You are hurting your domain reputation if you send emails to those invalid addresses. In Email Marketing, you need to maintain your Sender Score. 

There are many Email Verification services out there. It helps you check MX and DNS records, eliminate hard and soft bounce, spam traps, role-based email addresses, disposable email addresses, wrong syntax, and much more.

Email Marketing Future:

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital communication with a targeted audience. Some people think that email marketing is dead, but there is no chance of that. Also, some might prefer Social Media over Email Marketing but let me show you the statistics. According to a study in 2018,  Email users crossed 4.2 Billion, and Social Media users were 2.62 Billion worldwide. According to another study, 50% of US people check their inbox ten times daily. 

Also, a recent study reveals that Email delivers 44$ ROI for every 1$ spent. This is the highest ROI anyone can get from any marketing technique. So if you are a small business, you must start Email Marketing for better results.

Email Marketing for Beginners | Tips for Effective Email Marketing

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