Effective Steps in Doing Your Keyword Research

Effective Steps in Doing Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the fundamental activities for a highly effective search marketing campaign. It is best to do it properly for a better chance of success. Proper keyword research can be broken down into 7 simple phases:

  1. Brainstorming: 

The brainstorming phase is described as the step where you properly identify your target audience. You then properly survey your audience to identify the specific keywords and keyword phrases that they will be using to search for your products or services that you offer on your website.

  1. Categorizing:

During the categorizing phase, we will break down your keywords and keyword phrases into specific themes. Examples could be specific products or model numbers of products that your customers are searching for. Or perhaps, the problems or concerns that your customers are looking for you to solve.

  1. Keyword Research Phase:

Typically a lot of internet marketers jump right into this phase of the process of doing keyword research by firing up some fancy new keyword tool without having any clue who they would be speaking to and what message they should be presenting to their audience. Thus they fail. And as there are a lot of keyword research tools that are out there in the market, some free and some that have some subscription, you should be able to choose one that fits your needs.

Just as an auto mechanic has various tools in his toolbox that he can choose from to do his job properly, to be successful online you should have a toolbox complete with the proper tools to do your job right. And that is not to say that you should buy all the latest tools there is.

  1. Review Phase:

In the review phase, you will be compiling your list of keywords into a spreadsheet, then sorting them, categorizing them. The level of the search will tell you how frequently people are searching for that keyword on a daily or monthly basis. How many other web pages are competing for that same keyword phrase as you are? The relevancy of such keywords to your website is important. You will discover in the review phase that many of the keywords that come up in your brainstorming or through your keyword research are just not worth the time or effort in targeting because they may not have enough search volume or the competition for those words is through the roof and there are more profitable long-tail keywords that you can target instead.

  1. Selection Phase:

After you filter the keywords list during the review phase, you’ll often still find yourself with a list of hundreds, if not thousands of keywords that you have to choose from. Bear in mind that there might not be enough time to properly optimize your website for all the keywords that you have on your list. Therefore make it easy on yourself and try to follow the “Rule of 5” which is 5 keywords equals 5 articles plus 5 hours a week.

There are some keywords that can be harder for you to optimize than others. Thus I recommend that you also include 2 root keywords for your long-term investment and 3 long-tail keywords that you can quickly optimize.

  1. Testing Phase:

Before you go out and break you back and spend hundreds of hours doing SEO for your website, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your product or service that you are promoting will actually convert and make you money? Through a Pay-per-click campaign, you can quickly launch a campaign, using keywords that you selected, and if you are making money or breaking even, then you will know that it’s worth your investment and move forward.

However, if you find that you are not making any sales or conversions with the keywords that you have selected, then it is wise to reevaluate the keywords that you have selected and where to focus on the conversion factors that you have on your website.

  1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat:

As you continue your journey to a successful online business venture, remember this common phrase written on shampoo bottles. This same set of instructions used to wash your hair should also be applied to any facet of online marketing that makes you successful.

Following these steps can make your keyword research a lot more systematic and highly effective. Be open to using tools that can help you generate good keywords for your niche. Hopefully, you will achieve success in no time!


In the present scenario, no online business should miss the chance of growing organically with perfect strategies. It takes time – No doubt! But if it is done properly then the time invested can give you some awesome results. Go kill it with SEO and keyword research & take your business to new heights. Happy SEO 🙂

Effective Steps in Doing Your Keyword Research

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