Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing Right Now

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The pandemic has either halted or upended most of our plans. In the past months, all of us are adjusting to the new normal in our households, jobs, and communities, all while avoiding contracting the virus. 

Amidst the seriousness of this crisis, we see companies rising to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. Indeed, there is no rulebook as to how to navigate these trying times. Still, businesses are now faced with the choice of either pulling back and waiting it out or looking for opportunities amidst all the changes the pandemic entails

eCommerce Marketing Strategies at the Time of COVID19

If you are leaning towards the second option above, here are a few eCommerce marketing strategies that can help position your business for success amidst during

Give the blog a second look

If you are already utilizing your website’s blog page, further invest in it. Social distancing and lockdown measures have inevitably increased everyone’s screen time, so better make sure you have good content that everyone can consume. While they build your site’s discoverability and SEO value, your blog content is also a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and trust, as well as to engage with customers. 

Re-evaluate ads

With increased screen time among customers, your messaging during the pandemic will get noticed. Be extra-sensitive in evaluating your current and upcoming ad copies, and make sure that they do not have the potential to garner negative responses from the audience. Make sure that your ad does not come off as exploitative of the global pandemic. Also, veer away from advertisements that show people gathering or traveling and going to places as these do not reflect the current normal. 

Up your email marketing

You read that right: email. While some might think that emails are not a thing anymore, email marketing is a cost-effective way to promote engagement and increase sales. You can use a pop-up on your website or other engagement tactics on your social media channels to grow your email list. You can effectively do this by offering something like a discount or free shipping on their first order. In your emails, you can also get creative by trying subject lines, call to action, and templates that entertain your customers and keep their minds off of world news even for just a few minutes. This can build brand awareness and recall and can set up your business for success when everything goes back to normal again.

Reassess customer needs and pricing

Chances are, your customers are in a different situation now than they were in 2019. So, take the time to re-evaluate your target customers. Assess their current problem in terms of work, concerns, and particular needs. At the same time, evaluate what your customers can bear, both during and after the coronavirus pandemic. You can look at discount strategies and see if you can move the inventory using them. Keep in mind, though, that you must not overdo these promotions as you might find it hard to shift their expectations back when the crisis is finally over. Overdoing discounts can also have an impact on your brand perception and cheapen your product over time.

Have a subscription option available

For products for which you see recurring sales, you may want to offer a subscription option. For customers, it is convenient to avail of a subscription plan so they won’t need to worry about their supplies getting out of stock at the time of shopping and risking going to physical stores. For the business owner, it is an excellent way to boost and guarantee monthly revenue. Another way to keep existing customers is to create a loyalty program that would encourage them to shop with you repeatedly. It is a great way to inspire loyalty among customers and show them that they are valued and appreciated.

Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing Right Now

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