Editing Tips for Better eCommerce Photos

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Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

Ecommerce stores are more in use than ever as they make the buying and selling concept far more accessible than traditional ways. Other than the products, shipping, and returns, images hold the utmost importance.

No customer proceeds any further if the images are not attractive enough. Adding the zoom quality and making them look clear are the common aspects to have within your pictures. However, there are other things to consider to eCommerce image editing better.

Let’s get to know these factors here-

Have Products in the First Place

Before any preparation, you need to get the products in the line. If you don’t have the collection, what are you going to photograph? Make your products ready and the place where the photo shoot is going to happen. Arrange your photo editing software and staff, if any. You need to decide if the products are to be displayed alone or with a model wearing them. Prepare your models beforehand and get things on the schedule.

Be Consistent about the Background

Let’s say if you are using a white background in one of your photos. You need to be uniform on this aspect with all the images. You can’t use a pink background color in some of your pictures and white with the other ones. Be consistent with the background color and use only one color in all your images. Using the same color creates an illusion of uniformity when a customer gets a look at the catalog.

Be Creative with Presentation

The more presentable you are regarding your product, the more captivating it will be for your customers. You can display your products using a white background, or you can use some props to make them pop out even more.

Such as if you are selling jewelry, you can show them off using a jewelry holder for every piece, which makes the entire image look instantly attractive. It is always wise to have professionalism in your pictures, and that is why you can also hire an eCommerce photo editor

Let the Image Be Clearer

An image should diminish all the doubts of a customer. You can do this by adding multiple angles of the product to look at it using all the tips. You can also add a 360-degree view to the product so the buyer can proceed with complete satisfaction.

This not just helps the buyer but also decreases the chances of a product getting returned. This way, it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Make Use of Real People

Many eCommerce stores use a dummy to showcase the stuff, or sometimes there is no dummy at all. This only makes the buyer suspicious about the quality of the product, and he may end up giving up on that product. That is why it is vital to present your products to actual people or dummy, at least.

Imagine if you are selling a watch and do not present it wearing on the wrist, then it won’t be apparent in the buyer’s mind how the dial seems when worn.

Do Color and Shadow Fixing

You can have a shadow in your products or have a transparent white background; it all depends. However, having a shadow makes a product more attractive. It does not come as easy as it sounds because you need to define the product, the shadow, and the background in a way that nothing seems messed up.


Before uploading the photo on your online store, it is essential to check every aspect, from the contrast to sizing and more. A professional does the job very well if you prefer hiring an eCommerce image editing company. They are always worth your money, as images are the foremost aspect of an eCommerce site once a visitor lands on the page.

Editing Tips for Better eCommerce Photos

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