eCommerce Websites for Artists
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eCommerce Websites for Artists

Art is not all about painting and sketching. It shows your emotions and doesn’t require only one medium for expression.

People all around the world want to get their hands on to some fine piece of art. Apart from beautifying your home decors, art attracts positive energies.

An artist is the one who can share his thoughts and emotions through his skills and craft.

With the advent of the internet, many things have become more comfortable, which was not thought of before. It has opened gates for a broader audience to showcase talent and art.

The artists benefit to a considerable extent as they can now introduce their art to the whole world. In case you wish to decorate your room with some good art, you can quickly go over the internet and get a lot of options to buy from the various artists locally and globally. 

Here’s a sneak-peek into websites which can help you do wonders to create a platform to sell your artwork: 

Amazon is the first word that comes to our mind when we have to buy anything online. It becomes a lot easier to get visibility on a platform that is so popular.

It has recently started selling handmade handicrafts and artwork on their website. You have many craftsmen, weavers, embroiders selling their art online, and reaching out to millions worldwide.

The artists can take advantage of this by selling your products on Amazon. You can opt to become a seller and can access all the information on setting up your online store on Amazon here. 

Simple, transparent, and secure, with Etsy, you can set up your online shop by listing items for as low as $0.20. All you have to pay for is a transaction, payment processing, and offsite advertising fees when you sell your product. Etsy has a huge customer base that has an eye for creating masterpieces. Artists collectively make billions of money by selling their unique products online. It also provides tools and services that will promote your products online and enhance your store’s marketing.

You can always count on their Artist Coach and support specialists ready to guide entrepreneurs in running their business successfully.

You can know more about Etsy here. 

This website provides a platform to all the Artists who create paintings, shoot beautiful photographs, textile art, sculpture art, etc. Mojarto has been one of the most innovative platforms for artists in the country. It not only promotes emerging artists from across the world but also empowers them.

It showcases original art, printable art, serigraphs, hand-crafted jewelry, still-life art, and various other art styles and forms. They also provide free international shipping on their orders.

It’s a marketplace to sell handmade soaps, bags, shoes, home décor items, and even homemade food items like chutneys, pickles, and spice mixes. They even have a wide range of art forms like Bamboo art, ceramic art, metal art, etc. 

We can easily say that ArtyOwl is a one-stop for all your needs. From personal care to home décor, fashion statements to food staples, and office to kids, it has everything for everyone.

So artists, take note! Whatever you make can be sold here. 

Weebly, e-commerce by Square, helps budding artists in building their websites and allowing them to become entrepreneurs. It helps build customer-friendly and mobile-optimized websites to get you maximum visibility and, ultimately, the sale of your craft.

Their pricing is very affordable at $12 for small groups and Organizations and up to $25/month for small businesses. Artists can avail the facility of their online marketing, ranging from Email marketing to SEO & site stats, to get detailed insights into your online store’s performance. And if you are stuck somewhere, their experts are always present to guide you to shipping and inventory. 


Gone are the times where an artist would have to struggle to create an impact on the world via art. These platforms have tremendous potential to help artists of the 21st century take a step forward in making a name in art. It is glad to see that the internet has come as a boon for people who have immense talent in them. The artists have harnessed this quality of the internet to enhance their visibility on every front. It has become easier for one to project their art to the public on a global level. So, what are you waiting for? Feel motivated and get going, because your art can give you the exposure that you deserve online. Given the pandemic situation, maybe this is the new normal which artists must adopt as well. 

eCommerce Websites for Artists

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