eCommerce Trends: What 2021 have in Store for eCommerce?
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eCommerce Trends: What 2021 have in Store for eCommerce

The first thing that was ever ordered online was a book from Amazon. With time, eCommerce businesses have become an essential part of the lives of people. Ecommerce meets the changing needs of modern users and has vast capabilities. The online marketplace is an excellent way for businesses to reach a global audience.

Below we are listing Ecommerce trends for 2021:

1.     Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning play a significant role in providing a personalized experience. AI helps businesses know what customers are looking for and what features are their favorite. It is with AI that companies can target users in a better way.

2.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows users to see the product as if they are in a physical store; it provides a much richer experience. With the AR technology, customers can visualize the products better, which helps them make a buying decision quickly.

3.     Omni-channel Selling

An Omni-channel approach to sales will be prevalent, where providing a seamless customer experience will be the top priority. The role of Omni-channel is apparent; it helps in targeting more customers and results in high ROI. A business can grow tremendously with the Omni-channel approach.

4.     Voice Commerce

There is a significant reliance on voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc. These assistants help consumers with everything- buying products online? Voice assistants are there to make the experience hassle-free. Consumers love the convenience, and with the growing accuracy of voice assistants, voice commerce will rise.

5.     The Emergence of New Payment Options

Payment modes play a considerable role in influencing buying decisions of customers. Many consumers opt for a particular brand because it offers their favorite payment method. These days many eCommerce brands provide various payment modes such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, etc. In 2021, we will see more businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as well.

6.     Role of the Social Media

With the introduction of the “buy” button on top social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, social shoppers play an essential role in eCommerce. Social media has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives, and many people get to know about new brands through social media. Brands take the help of “social media influencers” to reach their target audience easily.

7.     The Rise in Green Consumerism

Consumers pay attention to whether the brand they are buying from takes action to protect the environment. Four out of ten consumers say that a company’s commitment to the climate impacts their buying decisions. Companies that are environment-friendly have the upper hand. Habits like discontinuing plastic straws, using ethically sourced environment-friendly ingredients play a crucial role in building brand credibility.

8.     Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is the best way to attract more customers in a world where competition is cut-throat. It is essential to price your products correctly to generate more sales. The right price is the one on which you can sell more products and make a good profit. Using tools like dynamic pricing software help in this regard. Businesses will continue to adopt dynamic pricing trends in 2021.

9.     Visual Commerce

The trend of visual commerce is not going anywhere. Visuals help customers engage more and increase conversion rates—high-quality images and a “call to action” button influence shoppers. Allowing customers to search for products using images has yield positive results for businesses.

Final Words

Ecommerce businesses that want to rule the market must pay attention to the trends listed above. AI, AR, Omni-channel selling, cryptocurrencies, green consumerism, social media, dynamic pricing, and visual media will help businesses target the audience effectively and smoothly. These trends are going to influence the buying decisions of shoppers.

About the Author

Divya Thakur, CMO at Cerebrum Infotech. She has a background in digital marketing for high-tech companies focusing on delivering a superior brand experience. In her current position, she describes herself as a chief marketer and focuses her talents on creating value for customers through content development, social strategy, thought leadership, and more. She truly is an inspiring marketer who woos audiences with her digital marketing smarts.

eCommerce Trends: What 2021 have in Store for eCommerce

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