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8 eCommerce Tools to Boost Your Business in 2016

Increased use of smartphones and tablets have opened up doors of eCommerce and boosted its growth significantly within a short span. Ecommerce business owners and managers are scrappy to learn one or two things to increase sale and enhance overall performance.

That is why we have initiated this post to provide some information regarding useful tools for eCommerce business in 2016.

No.1: Google Analytics

It is common for all kinds of websites, but its special eCommerce features and offerings are capable of giving insights into the user journey, user behavior, and the entire conversion path.

You can identify that which channels is performing the best and where conversion proves struggles. You can run split tests and recognize what can work for your online storefront.

You can observe the performance of your email campaigns and social media campaigns.

No.2: MailChimp

We know the potential of email marketing and its feasibility in modern contexts too. Therefore, running effective email campaigns need capable tools to visualize the fate of your email in the inbox on the recipients.

Running email campaign with advanced templates, features, and functionality increase conversion rate many folds. Therefore, MailChimp is providing responsive email templates with customization tools, so your email marketers and designers can deliver bespoken emails according to the needs or your target audience and events.

No.3: Hello Bar

For effective email marketing and other online marketing techniques, capturing quality email addresses are vital ingredients for success. Therefore, most of the marketers use pop-ups to capture information regarding contacts and various marketing surveys.

Similarly, notifications through popup windows are prohibited for the sake of UX of the website. Therefore, we need to find out other ways to accomplish such marketing tasks without relying on popups.

In due course, Hello Bar is an awesome tool to grab more attention towards your messages running in the strip on the top of your web pages and delivering subtle messages without disrupting UX of the eCommerce site.

No.4: Instagram

It is a social networking site but comes with highly useful tools for eCommerce vendors. Just like Pinterest, it is a visual social media tool to propagate your brands on the web by covering mobile users too.

You can use its visual tools to capture images of real world users with your products or using the products so you can place solid proof of your product or brand augmentation of social media sites other than Instagram like Facebook and Twitter by sharing updates through Instagram integration.

No.5: Sumo Me

Unlike Hello Bar, Sumo Me is popup-based tools to capture email and other contact info, deliver insights into the user journey through heat map and place CTA wherever and whenever you wish.

You can set Sumo Me popups to address your audience without disrupting UX and with higher conversion rate. Heatmap tool gives insights into the user behavior by giving areas where the most clicks occur or not at all. Thus, you can decide where to place products and where not.

No.6: Lucky Orange

Google Analytics has many constraints to deliver bespoke and a wide range of needs of modern eCommerce. Unfortunately, top-shelf analytics paid tools are out of reach of small to medium capacity eCommerce businesses, so Lucky Orange offers an affordable option for them.

It has tons of features and functionality so many are not included in Google Analytics too. For instance, Heat Map, Recordings of Visitors, and others to get insights that how visitors interact with the site and its various components, and what we can do to enhance it.

No.7: AdRoll

We know acquiring a new customer is a costly affair in comparison to re-engaging the old one. Therefore, eCommerce need to increase repeat customers by retargeting them in their email and other reengagement campaigns.

AdRoll is providing retargeting tools to recapture the eCommerce site visitors who surf the site, but not buying anything, even focus on the customers who are buying in the inadequate amount to increase Average Order Value (AOV) of the online storefront.

If you are running remarketing using AdWords, AdRoll can explain to you where and why you are going to do wrong so you can correct it and get maximum from your efforts.

No.8: Receiptful

It is another customer tracking tool to capture each interaction of your visitors and let you personalized it to reap off the maximum impact. You cannot treat your customers equally, as each customer is unique and comes with unique needs.

Therefore, Receiptful tool helps you to find out the most likely products for your customers to show and win the lead to increase your conversion rate. It also helps you to regain your lost purchase by retargeting visitors who had abandoned the cart through email marketing and incentivize the lost visitors with tailor-made ways.

Receiptful gives you email receipts with 70% open rate and 10% conversion rate. You can add personalized components in email receipts and can earn decent revenues.

The success of eCommerce depends on several aspects and increasing sale is one of them. Therefore, we need various tools to get insights about the behavior of visitors, effectiveness of marketing incentives, organize the marketing campaigns, and increase conversion rate through proper optimization.

Unfortunately, all these mentioned tools only work well when you have perfect eCommerce store from an UX and usability point of view. Thus, it is imperative that you should have an impeccable team of Ecommerce Developers who can give you an out-of-box eCommerce store with the integration of such advanced tools to realize the most from the market with the least investment.

Tarang Vyash is a Head of Development Team at Perception System Pvt. Ltd., the Leading eCommerce Development Company. He has been in the industry for last 15+ Years.

eCommerce Tools to Grow Your Business

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