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The current progressive legalization of cannabis in the United States is set to see several eCommerce platforms expand, offering numerous cannabis retailers opportunities. The demand for legal marijuana products has set a new dynamic for retailers in the online market despite the pandemic.

Cannabis retailers are only just starting to enjoy eCommerce’s actual benefits as they find new alleys for their clients to shop CBD gummies online while growing and developing their brands. However, you must work with an eCommerce platform that best suits your needs.

Best eCommerce Platforms

Below is a comprehensive list of the three best eCommerce platforms to consider using for your CBD business:

1.   BigCommerce

BigCommerce unequivocally ranks as the best CBD and helps generate sales with eCommerce sites you will find online. This site offers the best, most user-friendly, and intuitive platform that retailers can use to promote their CBD and hemp business online. It also has several major tools and software that you can use to run your CBD business seamlessly.

From business-to-business to business-to-customer, BigCommerce takes the lead as the platform with virtually everything your CBD business could need to set up and grow. The company is known for powering some of the most successful brands globally. Moreover, you can use it to propel your marketing campaign and make it an extremely potent platform that’s just right for the job.

2.   Shopify

Yes! Shopify also takes the lead when it comes to selling CBD products. However, while the eCommerce platform itself doesn’t outrightly prohibit the sale of any CBD-related products, its payment method powered by Stripe doesn’t process any CBD-related payments. But that shouldn’t deter you from using this world-renowned eCommerce platform since you can still use third-party payment processors that Shopify supports. The downside to this is that it impacts your conversion rates. But still, this is the best store customers can use to shop CBD edible online without much hassle.

3.   Pure CBD Vapors

Lastly is Pure CBD Vapors. This site has a long-standing reputation for being one of the leading online CBD retailers in the business since 2014. In a marketplace with new and emerging buyers every day, Pure CBD Vapors vest each vendor’s product for authenticity and legitimacy.

This eCommerce platform also has a highly interactive customer support team that answers all calls and responds to all emails. It ships each order in discreet packaging, offering the buyer peace of mind. As the CBD marketplace surges, it’s evident that Pure CBD Vapors will remain one of the best eCommerce platforms for CBD and hemp products.

The Bottom Line

Overall, CBD has taken the eCommerce business by storm. And CBD retailers who already have their sites up and running are reaping the many benefits that it comes with. Ultimately, the decision lies with you on which eCommerce business you feel suits your CBD business preferences. Ensure you consider all the available options before you decide which platform is best for you.

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