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Small business needs to satisfy the requirements without hurting their budget. Here are top tips that will help them select the ideal eCommerce platform in 2019. You may sell anything online, yes, it is 2019 and the right eCommerce platform can aid your business goes beyond a brick and mortar shop. But, small business owners continue to be in trouble about how to make the most from the internet world utilizing a suitable and sensible platform. Well, this guide is to them if they are ready to bring an online transformation.

You meet veterans like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, as well as Facebook when you enter into the world of internet shopping. Nonetheless, these readymade platforms are manufactured by keeping various business requirements in mind and so, you need to really work hard to get the perfect one for your internet business.

1. Price Isn’t Everything, But It’s The First Thing!

When it comes to small business, cost matters the most. Thankfully, all the eCommerce platforms display their pricing structure along with the length and other necessary info. If you’re entering in the eCommerce business as a small merchant, then you need to go through the price lists of various platforms. Affordability concerning subscription fees, delivery expenses, and an additional amount should be taken into account while choosing the platform. It is better to remember that you cannot change the platforms often. It can reduce the visibility of your site around the SERPs and ruins the reputation of your business. Occasionally, the stage you have chosen increases the price or brings changes in its own packages. In this kind of circumstance, you might need to alter the system after doing enough research and taking precautions.

2. Research Is Crucial

Do you know that every eCommerce platform offers another bundle and can meet different business requirements? It is, therefore, necessary for you to do proper research. It is possible to talk with your staff and collect all of the requirements after comprehensive brainstorming. Here are a couple of aspects that require appropriate research-

The platform should offer great hosting services, The platform should be capable of replacing the brick-and-mortar store, The platform should serve all major business objectives. If it comes to select the ideal eCommerce platform, minor negligence and hasty decision can mess up your internet business.

3. Look for SEO-Friendliness

What’s the usage of your eCommerce website if it can’t find the place on Google SERPs? Your online store must be included in the research pages. For this, you can run SEO campaigns to attain higher rankings. There, an SEO-friendly eCommerce and WordPress development company can lend a supporting hand. It can facilitate your clients to find your website as and when they hunt for the products you deal in easily. These factors can make the eCommerce platform ready for your Search Engine Optimization effort- Blog section, Reviews, and rating section, Such SEO-friendly platforms can give your eCommerce store ranking high but you want to optimize it frequently to improve and keep the higher ranking on search pages.

4. Go for Mobile-Friendliness

The search engine giant Google has emphasized on the site’s mobile-friendliness back from the year 2015. It’s because over 50 percent of search queries are made through phones worldwide. In other words, people tend to use smartphones for hunting for anything on the Internet. In brief, you want to choose the platform with the capability of providing mobile-friendly web pages. Such a platform empowers your customers to experience your website quickly and facilitates them to make purchases in their smart devices. However, a study has shown that over 50% of individuals leave the cell page of a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Similarly, you need to consider that the UX also. For example, if your eCommerce site has complex navigation with a few performance issues, the visitors may not return back to your website. Appealing and user-friendly interface using a seamless functionality can work wonders in attracting existing and prospective clients. To make your job simpler, here list of Magento Development Company, together with pros, cons and other factors. We have categorized these programs across different categories for your benefit. Magento is one of the very best premium eCommerce platforms to date, with over 14% market share in Alexa Top 1M sites globally. Nowadays, Magento extension is on-demand, it’s also necessary to consider all points when you hire WordPress developer. Magento 2 version has revolutionized the eCommerce sector with an array of business-friendly features. Having a modular design and moderate customizability, Magento is very beneficial for medium to large businesses. It is easy to sell thousands and thousands of products on Magento 2 shop.

What’s more, if you know WordPress well, you can easily use this stage. The platform is cost-effective and supports different plugins. Though WooCommerce is easy, to begin with, moderate coding skill is necessary to make the most from it. WooCommerce is recommended for small businesses as it can meet their requirements economically.

5. Shopify- Favorite One of Little and Mid-Size Firms

Shopify is one of the most well-known platforms among small and mid-size businesses. With more than a million active monthly customers, this stage has quickly gained ground from the eCommerce sector. Shopify is a mobile-friendly system and supports SEO practices by enabling customized title tags and Meta description. The platform offers a mobile program to track your eCommerce site on the go. In spite of the introduction of Shopify Plus, the platform lacks the ability to control a huge consumer base.

Other E-Commerce Platforms

Even a small company can also manage this open-source platform. What is more, there’s no need for a learning curve as it is not difficult to install and run. The platform also provides a well-designed admin interface. But, that the Open Cart framework lacks high-performance capabilities like other platforms also it requires installing different plugins for integrating a variety of functions like sales, transport, etc.. Also, the platform is not highly customizable, which means that it may make future alterations hard for your online business.

Big Commerce

Well, it’s one of the most advanced checkout procedures to offer you the best single-page checkout encounter. Big Commerce also provides enormous hosting tools using added layers of safety. However, the platform requires good programming experience for enhanced customization and it is a little expensive when compared to other programs.

eCommerce is Ideal for Small Business

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