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eCommerce Ideas that are Extremely Easy to Implement!

“The best antidote to stagnation is an innovation” quotes Bloomberg News, one of the best news agencies based in NYC. In today’s rapidly changing times, it is best to keep stagnancy miles away. Especially if you are a business owner and have your business presence online. To thrive in the cut-throat eCommerce market, you must keep innovating your e-store with new ideas and offer better customer experiences. But the question is how? Well, you need to come up with new ideas, tools, and technologies.

eCommerce Ideas that are Extremely Easy to Implement!

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In the year 2018, several e-store owners are implementing different ideas to give a boost to their eCommerce business. If you are in the “no sale” and stagnant zone, we have come up with eCommerce Ideas that are Very Easy to Implement. These ideas do not take much time to implement and wouldn’t ask for a lot of resources either. So, let’s dive in:

Make a Multilingual Website

Making your website available in multiple languages is the cheapest marketing way to multifold your audience. It adds users from your neighborhood regions and even across the borders. Addition of multiple languages bring more traffic to your website and generate high revenue. You can make use of Language translation extension available that translates your website content in no time with utmost ease. A multilingual website works as the best solution when you are operating the business in a diversified cultural and geographical region.

Multiple Languages option on your online store not just drive more users but also makes you a big brand. This way your website become culturally sensitive and creates a good impression of your e-store. So, get a Language Switcher to add the volume of foreign users and get the best out of it.

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Add an Intent Pop-Up

If you run an e-store, you must know how important it is to communicate with your customers. And if you want to send marketing emails or newsletters, it is very important for you to have a list of people who would be interested in receiving the information about your e-store. To build this list, you can add an exit intent pop up that asks them to subscribe to your email literature.

Strategize your email forms and place on the website in a way that it does not disturb the website interface. Another thing to look after is, you are not compelling or irritating a user with constant pop-ups. It is a fact that its difficult to get any personal information from users. So, you will have to use some different approach. You should ask for the email addresses to offer free guides, discount coupons or sale alerts. And yeah, never forget! Too many pop-ups will kill the magic of your website and will impact your website rankings.

Send Cart Abandonment Emails

You were about to convert a user into a customer but don’t know what happened and you lost it. Well, that is the most painful thing. It is the time to take follow up! Ask questions, what went wrong if they liked your product and decided to buy? Know why did they leave in between. Use emails to drive those users back and make them complete their purchase. Mention their name, city and other information in the emails. It will create a better conversation to connection and render your message.

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You can also send a customized email as per the product that user was about to buy. Give customers “fear of loss” by saying things like “1 product left.” Sometimes discounts and offers on that product work best. Use different rebuttals by suggesting better products or maybe related products that they might find more suitable and useful. Sending these emails will break the clutter of shopping cart abandonment and optimize the checkout process.

Empower Users to Purchase in Their Way

At the end of the day, what matters most is, how many online visitors did you convert into customers? And all this begins from how you suffice their needs. So, you must deliver your products the way they want. For example, if a customer to customize a product or want its delivery according to his choice, you can help them do that. Search online and you are sure to find easy to use the web to print solutions and Delivery Date Extension that helps them out.

This way of trading makes your website highly user-friendly and fulfilling. So, add features and extension that empower customers more and help them to buy your products the way they want. Featuring these features are also pretty pocket-friendly as if we just talk about Delivery Time Extension, it costs very less.

Add Products with Style

Well, customer psychology is not chemistry or physics. And you can certainly not drive any formulas based on it. You must improvise. So, add your product with style. It asks for fewer inputs and generates a higher return on investments. Click some cool pictures, add them with catchy lines, market them with trendy ideas and exhibit them with stylish videos.

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These tactics improve your product representation and help customers connect with it. Another benefit is that it leads you to the social media buzz you get. You might have often seen some cynosure taglines, images or videos trending on Facebook, Instagram and on other platforms.

These were a few but massively effective ideas that can transform your online store performance. Follow these simple steps to drive your eCommerce business to the path success.



Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast-growing software add-on store selling Magento extensions and plugins for various technologies, including  Delivery Date Extension. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of eCommerce technology.

eCommerce Ideas that are Extremely Easy to Implement!


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