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eCommerce Design Trends for 2018

Retail has always been a competitive industry, but e-commerce is truly a shop-eat-shop world. Competitors spring up overnight, customers are courted for weeks through targeted advertising, and many products quickly get drowned out in a sea of similarity. With so many algorithms at work optimizing click-rates and conversions, it’s easy for online retailers to lose sight of some of the more subtle and less tangible aspects of what makes a shopping experience positive, memorable, and worth repeating. Though it may be difficult to quantify in absolute numbers, a distinguishing feature of e-commerce’s top players is often great design.

Design trends don’t spring up out of nowhere, but rather are found in the evolution of consumer tastes and demands. It may be easy to write off what is currently trendy as a passing fad, but remember that this is e-commerce we are talking about: no design element ever rises to widespread prominence without being subjected to relentless A/B testing. If you are starting to see a specific design feature across multiple, legitimate storefronts, chances are there are some brains behind the beauty. And in an industry where looking out-dated can quickly trigger doubts about your site’s trustworthiness, experimenting with design trends can be advantageous.

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The following infographic from WhatsTheHost breaks down 7 of this year’s most prominent trends in e-commerce design. Which design trends have you found to positively impact your customers’ shopping or browsing experience?

Ecommerce Design Trends 2018 Infographic

eCommerce Design Trends for 2018


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