eCommerce Design Elements that Skyrocket Conversion Rates

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eCommerce Design Elements that Skyrocket Conversion Rates

Working on product quality and services for an eCommerce site is one thing, but working on a strong website with the right design and functionality is also crucial.

Website design is a time-consuming yet valuable asset that every company should work on. If you want help with the web design elements of your site that improve conversions, then you are at the right place.

This article will go through 10 design elements that e-commerce websites should follow to improve their sales.

Ten eCommerce Design Elements that can skyrocket your Conversion Rate

Below are ten design elements that e-commerce websites should follow to improve their sales.

  • Use white space
  • Work on Navigation
  • Use the best images
  • Keep things neat
  • A welcome mat with a single call-to-action
  • Simple checkout
  • Positive imagery
  • Short text
  • Powerful branding
  • Use the rule of thirds

Now let’s discuss each design element in detail, one by one.

  1. Use white space

Using blank or white spaces makes it easy to break certain site sections and avoid making the web pages overcrowded. They also make it easier to direct attention to specific elements that matter.

Suppose you fill every part of your website, making it overcrowded and hard to understand. It also looks spammy and gives an unprofessional feel. Thus, add white spaces around essential elements and short CTA’s where you want the customer to take action.

  1. Work on Navigation

When someone visits a site, they can find what they want through navigation. From adding filters to finding the right size, navigation helps move through the website. However, if that navigation is hard and challenging to understand, that negatively impacts your website.

Therefore, make sure to add fewer options, so things are simple. For example, add contact options so the customer can contact you if there is an issue.

Make your navigation intuitive and simple. That will work wonders for you. However, outsourcing can be a good idea if you want help with web design and hire a professional at a reasonable rate. Many companies offer eCommerce Web Design in Sharjah, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

These regions offer great services at great prices.

  1. Use the best images

Images are a great way to convey your message and let the customer know what your product looks like. However, users take a lot of interest in images, and thus these images need to be of high quality.

If you add blur, misleading and boring images, you lose out on potential customers who consider your site unprofessional. Thus use images that are good quality, clear and original.

Using your images gives a good impression to search engines, and your site ranks higher for the images.

  1. Keep things neat

This is a straightforward and basic rule, but it’s essential and effective. When designing your website, you should keep things simple, keep the color scheme minimalistic and avoid adding too much of anything that would drive the customer away.

Adding too much text, images, and colors leads to frustration, confusion, and anxiety. That can result in visitors losing interest in your website and leaving. Thus, it keeps things elegant, relevant, and simple. It always works!

  1. A welcome mat with a single call-to-action

You must have seen certain websites with a single line of text or a single call to action on the welcome page. That is a powerful strategy to gain customer interest and bring attention to a single action.

Through this strategy, you can reduce distractions. Using a welcome mat helps to improve conversions and helps to make the customer carry out an action that matters the most to you.

  1. Simple checkout

Have you ever left a site because the checkout was overwhelming? If so, you are not alone! Many customers worldwide abandon their carts because they find the checkout process very lengthy and time-consuming.

Designing a simple checkout and shopping experience is very important to save your customers from trouble. In addition, allowing guest shopping and keeping shopping steps minimal can help make shopping easier.

  1. Short text

While you might want to say a lot to your customers and convey all your ideas, it’s best to keep things simple and to the point. When it comes to text, add small paragraphs, make lists, add bullet points and use subheadings.

If you divide the text and keep it straightforward, it would be easier for the user to understand what you are saying. Thus, making the text understandable and less cluttered is key to improving customer experience and conversions.

  1. Powerful branding

When people come to a site, they see your logo your tagline, which develops your brand’s image in their minds. When they see the same logo and products on your social media, that further reassures them about how well laid out your brand is.

Thus using a similar design on different platforms and conveying similar ideas helps build a brand image. That branding helps in maintaining customer trust and improving brand reputation. With a good reputation, customers tend to convert faster.

  1. Positive imagery

As mentioned earlier, using good quality imagery is necessary, but there is another thing to consider here. That is positive imagery that is relatable. Regardless of the product, you are trying to sell; it should have a meaning and an emotional connection with the customers.

Based on your customers, you should use images that your audience can relate to and feel a connection with. You should use images that engage your unique audience and that inspire them. That way, you can make the most out of your images and boost conversions.

  1. Use the rule of thirds.

There are specific ways to grab customer attention. One of which is the rule of the thirds. According to this rule, you should divide a webpage or an image into three sections. The division needs to be horizontal and vertical.

That would create nine boxes. In this structure, the four middle intersections are where the customer pays the most attention. Therefore, this is the place you should add the most important details. The elements you place here will create the most impact and lead to more conversions.


This article went through 10 design elements that e-commerce websites should follow to improve their sales. Using white spaces, high-quality and relevant images, and a welcome mat with a single CTA can be very helpful.

Optimizing navigation, keeping things simple, using the rule of thirds, and working on your branding are great ways to gain customer trust, improve brand value, and thus increase conversions.

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eCommerce Design Elements that Skyrocket Conversion Rates